Media, Celebs Slam Paris Agreement Exit: ‘Despicable,’ ‘Reckless'

May 31st, 2017 2:49 PM

The media frenzy over expectations President Donald Trump will abandon the climate agreement signed in Paris by Obama has only just begun — and it’s already out of control.

Liberal media, climate alarmists, activists and celebrities collectively freaked out, calling it an “act of war” against America, a “crime” and a move which would make the U.S. a “rogue nation.” Actress Patricia Arquette suggested a “class action lawsuit” over it, while actor and director Mark Ruffalo wildly claimed Trump “will have the death of whole nations on his hands. People will be looking to the USA for retribution for what they loose (sic).”

Trump made a campaign promise to quit the agreement. Conservative groups estimated the Paris deal would severely damage the U.S. economy, included reduced income for millions of people, all for “negligible impacts for the environment.” Of course, the liberal media and many celebrities ignored such criticism and insisted the Paris Climate Agreement is essential and abandonment would be catastrophic.

Axios reported on May 28 that Trump had told “confidants” he would quit the agreement. By May 31, The New York Times reported that the language of an official announcement was being ironed out.

Celebrity hyperbole was especially over the top as Ruffalo proved. Film director Morgan J. Freeman (not to be confused with Morgan Freeman) responded to Ruffalo saying, “Despicable. Praying this is another twisted trial balloon to see if enough people are willing to kill the planet for profit.”

Freeman also slammed the president for “treating our country like an alt-right extreme patriotic science experiment,” while Good Wife actor Alan Cumming, opined that the Paris deal news was “just the worst thing yet.”

Media Blame Trump for Accelerating ‘Destruction’ of Earth, While Celebs Snark

Even before an official announcement about abandoning the Paris agreement happened, derision, snark and attacks on Trump dominated the conversation.

Mother Jones National Affairs Editor Mark Follman tweeted the Times report out with his own attack: “Poised to simultaneously accelerate the destruction of the planet and our role leading it.”

Vox founder Ezra Klein tweeted on May 30, that “our great-grandchildren are going to hate us so much.” In the same tweet, Klein linked to a Vox article claiming there is “zero reason” to withdraw from the agreement and doing so would be “reckless.”

The hundreds of thousands of people who could lose their jobs as a consequence of fulfilling the agreement probably would consider that “reckless.” The Heritage Foundation estimated more than 200,000 jobs would be lost in manufacturing alone, in addition to $20,000 of lost income per family of four and trillions in national GDP losses.

In spite of that, Roll Call tried to make it sound like both sides were united in favor of the agreement. It’s headline read, “Bipartisan Pressure Mounts on Trump to Stay in Paris Agreement.” The story claimed some Republicans supported the deal, but would not name them. The only named Republicans mentioned in the report were ones who want the agreement renegotiated so it doesn’t hurt the economy, or who oppose it entirely.

The Guardian absurdly claimed “Endorsing the Paris Agreement is Trump’s best opportunity for a big win,” while The Hill focused on a “Top Dem” who called the likely withdrawal a “striking abdication of American leadership.”

Climate alarmist and Founding Editor of Climate Progress Joe Romm claimed Paris was “humanity’s last, best hope of avoiding catastrophic climate change.” Romm also predicted the decision would make Russia happy and potentially lead to other “defections” from the agreement.

New Yorker staff writer Evan Osnos called the proposed withdrawal “leadership self-sabotage,” which would make the Chinese government “happy.”  

In 100 years, Trump withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement will be considered the seismic event. This election will be a footnote,” Washington Post contributor Ellie Mae O'Hagan predicted.

Senior Entertainment Editor at Inverse and Filmmaker Jordan Zakarin blasted Trump saying, “Anyone who won’t be alive in 25 years should be barred from making climate law, and men should be barred from making women’s health laws.”

Comedian Chelsea Handler and actor Don Cheadle warned about the threat to future generations.

“Yeah, who cares about climate change?” Handler tweeted. “Only every single person with a child. Republicans in congress need to end this childish mayhem.”

Cheadle snarked, “If you care about your kids maybe reconsider your #ParisAgreement decision. Barron will thank you when he see you, whenever that is.”

Choosing a personal attack instead, Ellen Executive Producer Andy Lassner knocked, “In Trump's defense, when you're bright orange, have shrunken hands & hair made of straw, climate change can't make things any worse for you.”