POST-DEBATE HYSTERICS: Krugman Says Biden ‘Best President of My Adult Life,’ then Tells Him to Scram

June 28th, 2024 12:15 PM

The New York Times’s dry economic comedy specialist Paul Krugman gave new meaning to the term “doublespeak” when he drooled over President Joe Biden's supposed star-spangled awesomeness while telling him at the same time to make like a banana and split.

Krugman joined a chorus of dumbstruck leftists in the media who were panicking over Biden’s bumbling debate performance against former President Donald Trump. “The Best President of My Adult Life Needs to Withdraw,” cried Krugman in his babbling June 28 contribution to The Times’s string of debate-lamenting columns. How Krugman could be adamant that “the best president” Biden should be a shoo-in for reelection while calling on him to scram is an exercise in logical incoherence. “Based on his policy record, he should be an overwhelming favorite for re-election. But he isn’t, and on Thursday night he failed to rise to the occasion when it really mattered,” Krugman whined. Talk about being "fanatically confused," eh Krugman?

It is quite telling that Krugman’s self-admitted favorite president is one whose bonkers spending policies ushered in a 40-year high inflation crisis, an unsustainable cost of living, an awful housing market, and artificial growth bolstered by the government taking on trillions in new debt. As economist Kevin Cochrane observed in a June 16 op-ed, there is now an “additional expense of $9,000 per year for the average household” due to Bidenomics. 

After haphazardly celebrating Biden’s “excellent job as president,” the delusional Krugman then told his superhero to “voluntarily” stand aside:

Given where we are, I must very reluctantly join the chorus asking Biden to voluntarily step aside, with emphasis on the ‘voluntary’ aspect. Maybe some Biden loyalists will consider this a betrayal, given how much I have supported his policies, but I fear that we need to recognize reality, [emphasis added.]

Recognize reality? Really? This is the same economist who tried to psych himself up on live television into believing that 40-year high inflation wasn’t “a crisis.” Oh, nevermind. 

So who’ll step in to save the day, eh Krugman? The economist suggested Vice President Kamala Harris who he audaciously claimed was “quietly effective as vice president, promoting Biden’s policies.” Yeah, sure.

Krugman concluded by taking a swipe at American voters as being potentially racist for not supporting her, “Maybe some American voters aren’t ready for a Black woman to be president.” 

Keep it up, Krugman. 

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