NYT Editorial Board Member BUZZES Around the ‘Queen Bee’ of Bidenomics

June 18th, 2024 10:19 AM

Apparently, The New York Times hasn’t come to terms with the fact that Bidenomics is anathema to Americans, because one of its editorial board members spent over a 1,000 words celebrating the so-called “intellectual force” behind all of it.

Times editorial board member Farah Stockman swooned over “the best dinner party” she “attended all year” listening to the ramblings of President Joe Biden’s former Senior Director of International Economics for the National Security Council Jennifer Harris, whom she dubbed the “Queen Bee.” “I’d wanted to interview Ms. Harris for years,” wrote the star-struck Stockman. She lionized Harris as “the quiet intellectual force behind the Biden administration’s economic policies,” as if inflation-rattled Americans should be sending her trucks full of heavenly-scented marigolds and daffodils to thank her for the cost-of-living crisis sweeping the nation

Stockman even highlighted Harris’ eagerness to join Biden's team after the 2020 election. “‘It felt like the ‘Nerd Justice League’ was assembling,’” Harris told Stockman “‘And I had some [fear of missing out].’” Yes, Harris actually saw herself as joining Biden’s “Nerd Justice League.” The reality of Bidenomics, which Stockman glossed over, was perfectly summed up by economist Kevin Cochrane in a scathing June 16 op-ed:

During the almost four years we’ve lived with ‘Bidenomics,’ consumers have seen the cost of ordinary purchases increase by more than 15 percent due to inflation. That’s an additional expense of $9,000 per year for the average household.

Cochrane’s analysis blew apart the pro-Bidenomics narrative in just two lines of prose. 

The extent of the gaslighting polluting Stockman’s 1,513-word editorial was nothing short of unreal. “It’s the Biden administration that came in with a plan to build an economy that was good for workers, not just shareholders, using some strategies Ms. Harris had been talking about for years,” Stockman bleated. 

Meanwhile, on planet Earth, a new survey conducted by Qualtrics found that a quarter of Americans are skipping meals due to the soaring prices of groceries while a new Morning Consult poll found that 3 in 5 respondents reported their wages not keeping up with inflation. A recent New York Federal Reserve study found that an increasing number of Americans who maxed out their credit cards are struggling to make payments. In fact, per the Fed, a “third of balances associated with maxed-out borrowers have gone delinquent in the last year.”

But Stockman suggested Americans are just too stupid to interpret Bidenomics correctly, a now-common leftist media talking point  played on repeat like a broken record.

“But the work that Ms. Harris and others in the Biden administration have done is unfinished, and poorly understood. The terms ‘Bidenomics’ and ‘Build Back Better’ don’t seem to resonate,” Stockman wrote. She continued: 

Just 38 percent of voters trust Mr. Biden on the economy, according to a recent poll. That might be because Americans are, understandably, more concerned about the cost of groceries today than the investments that will pay off tomorrow. Or maybe an era of low trust in the government is just a tough time to revive these kinds of intervention.” 

Or, just maybe, one reason is the fact that Americans are now paying an average of $18,118 a year to deal with the daunting costs of just owning and maintaining a single-family home (property taxes, homeowners insurance, home maintenance costs and electricity, internet, cable bills, etc.). That’s a 26 percent increase of the average from four years ago.

Stockman’s condescension to struggling Americans fed up with the economic ludicrousness of Bidenomics is the epitome of the media’s love affair with Biden hopelessly disconnecting them from reality.

Conservatives are under attack. Contact The New York Times at 1 (800) 698-4637 and demand it distance itself from Stockman’s unwarranted celebration of Bidenomics.