Blowing Hot Air: WashPost Throws Climate Temper Tantrum Over Air Conditioning at Olympics

June 8th, 2024 11:00 AM

The list of everyday necessities the climate fanatics at The Washington Post choose to complain about as enemies of Gaia continues to grow at an exponential rate.

The Post threw a fit over the upcoming Olympic Games “taking a farcical turn” against Paris organizers’ supposed commitment to maintaining the “greenest Olympics” ever. The Athletes Village was supposed to not have air conditioning (AC) in the rooms because other eco-friendly cooling measures will be used, whined the leftist rag. However, The Post cried, “portable air-conditioning units will be everywhere. Wheeled in. Shipped in. Ordered by visiting countries that want their athletes to sleep well and perform at the highest level — even if it means a larger carbon footprint.” How dare athletes seek to maximize comfort between rounds of the brutal physical exertion that defined the Olympic Games since time immemorial, right Washington Post? 

The newspaper went on a rant against the climate offending countries who had the gall to take care of their athletes:

Worried about what potentially could be the world’s hottest year on record, wealthier nations have effectively undercut Paris’s marquee sustainability measure, signaling that, yes, they care about environmental aims — but not if it risks the comfort of their athletes. Some of those athletes are accustomed to temperatures cooler than what the dorms might have provided and raised concerns to their national Olympic committees.

The newspaper cited pro-AC Australian Olympic committee Chief of Public Affairs Strath Gordon, who noted that the Games was “‘a high-performance environment.’” But that wasn’t enough of a “DUH” moment for The Post, which accused visiting countries of undermining a “highly symbolic” Mother Earth effort on behalf of Paris:

The bid to forgo air-conditioning was just a tiny part of the overall Paris plan to reduce the footprint of a massive event. But it is highly symbolic, as it has forced participating countries to consider whether they want to participate in a sustainability experiment — abandoning conventional, energy-intensive privileges in the name of green goals.

Talk about blowing a bunch of hot air. It's a wonder if The Post has air conditioning in its luxurious K Street headquarters in Washington, D.C.

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