¡Afuera! WashPost TRIGGERED ‘Far-Right’ Javier Milei Won Argentina Presidency

November 20th, 2023 10:02 AM

The Washington Post threw a temper tantrum over “far-right economist” Javier Milei sending a shockwave throughout the world with his victorious presidential bid against leftist Economy Minister Sergio Massa in Argentina.

The Post attempted to denigrate Argentina’s president-elect as a “Trump-like radical” with “no governing experience” who rode a “wave of voter rage” to victory with 56 percent of the vote. The rag characterized Milei’s win as a “stunning upset” over Massa, “the center-left economy minister who has struggled to resolve the country’s worst economic crisis in two decades.” Oh, who knew that voters didn’t want to reward the government bureaucrat overseeing Argentina’s most horrific inflation crisis in decades a job promotion! The Post, behaving like the pathetic excuse for a newspaper that it is, mourned how “Massa sought to stoke fear over a Milei presidency they argued could threaten Argentina’s democracy and way of life.” 

For the Argentine citizenry, The Post grumbled, “anger won over fear.” Or, perhaps voters simply chose to vote with their wallets. Consumer prices skyrocketed 143 percent in October on an annualized basis, according to Bloomberg News, which referred to Argentina’s economic situation as “dire.” In fact, Bloomberg News reported that Argentina’s annual inflation rate is set to reach a bone-chilling 185 percent by the end of this year, with GDP expected to contract two percent. But The Post just couldn’t stop taking pot-shots at the “wild-haired,” chain-saw “wielding” Milei:

Milei made a name for himself as a television pundit who insulted other guests, and he has shown a tendency to fight with the news media. He has circulated conspiracy theories and raised unsubstantiated claims about electoral fraud. In presidential debates, he has cast doubt on the widely accepted tally of murders during the country’s Dirty War from 1976 to 1983.

The Post doom mongered that Milei’s election was going to have a “seismic effect on the economy” in the days ahead. Uh, more seismic than the economic crisis Argentines are already facing? “[Milei’s] proposals for dollarization have sent Argentines rushing to shed their pesos, causing the currency’s value to plunge,” cried The Post, already attributing policy failure to the libertarian president-elect before he even assumes office. 

The Post should get a grip and maybe not let its Trump-Derangement-Syndrome infect every aspect of its reporting if it has any hopes of retaining whatever credibility it believes it has as a news source.

Conservatives are under attack. Contact The Washington Post at 202-334-6000 and demand it stop acting as a shill for Argentina’s leftist political elite.