BUFFOONERY: Paul Krugman Claims Far Left ‘Has No Significant Influence on the Democratic Party’

October 18th, 2023 4:10 PM

One of the most ardent leftist economic writers in American media actually claimed that the far left “has no significant influence on the Democratic Party.” And no, he wasn’t being facetious.

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman went after his typical target — Republicans — in an Oct. 16 screed, whining that GOPers were blaming President Joe Biden for the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel. “Like much of what the American right says these days, these smears were both vile and infantile.” The same Krugman once called the GOP “economic terrorists,” but who’s keeping score? Krugman’s oblivious take then descended into pure comedy: “More generally, it’s striking how both the far left, which has no significant influence on the Democratic Party, and the far right, which largely runs the G.O.P., are American solipsists.”

Krugman must have missed the memo. Newsweek reported on Sept. 23 that the “Democratic Party has undergone a shift since 2020 in which its own voters believe it has veered too far to the left” based on a recent Morning Consult poll. In fact, “By a 9-point margin, voters also see the Democratic Party as more ideologically extreme than the GOP,” Morning Consult noted. In another 2021 survey, Morning Consult wrote that “Democrats’ Drive to the Left Threatens Their Grip on Power.” 

But the far left has “no significant influence,” eh Krugman? 

In a near-perfect display of a chronic lack of self-awareness, Krugman bemoaned in his latest op-ed that the far left and the far right “blame U.S. leaders for everything bad that happens in the world, denying foreigners any agency.” Again, this is the same Krugman who called the Wuhan, China COVID-19 virus “Trump’s Virus” in a July 2, 2020 screed. He even referred to the pandemic as the “Trump Pandemic” in March 2020.

Krugman’s recent history is a cacophony of leftist rants and diatribes that only further illustrate why he’s in no position to act as a referee between the “far left” and the “far right.” Krugman bleated in July about the need to “politicize the weather” in order to force the leftist boogeyman of climate change into the American psyche prior to the 2024 election. 

He even downplayed the racially charged, Marxist Black Lives Matter and Antifa 2020 demonstrations, calling them “remarkably nonviolent” in a February 2022 piece. In reality these demonstrations contributed to $2 billion in damages from looting, arson and vandalism. Krugman even called the resulting damage “small,” despite the fact that the BLM/Antifa riot damage in 2020 constituted the “most expensive in insurance history,” according to Axios. He did this while simultaneously condemning the Canadian truckers convoy in 2022 for daring to protest their government’s draconian COVID-19 lockdown policies.

Perhaps Krugman has veered so far left himself that he can no longer tell the difference between a centrist and an extremist.

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