Critical Auto Theory? NBC Op-Ed Attacks US Autonomy with ‘Lethal’ Car ‘Dependency’ Remarks

October 25th, 2021 1:05 PM

Apparently, nothing is safe from the wokeness of the left. An NBC op-ed tried lecturing Americans about how bad and deadly their love of cars is.

Freelance journalist Erin Sagen screeched in her propaganda piece for NBC THINK that “Americans are in total collective denial about how lethal our car dependency is. We have to stop normalizing the suffering caused by cars.”

Sagen bellowed in her lede paragraph: “Americans don’t always fear the things we should.” In her view, “when it comes to car accidents, we’ve mostly shrugged our shoulders and accepted the carnage as an unavoidable fact of life.”

The article read like a fringier variant of critical race theory: “Cars put us in clear, imminent danger every day, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized.” 

If that wasn’t loopy enough, Sagen blamed the tendency to blame individuals rather than “public infrastructure” for car accidents on “toxic individualism.” 

One reason might be a culture of toxic individualism that reduces almost any systemic problem, from sexual harassment to health care, to so-called isolated incidents.

But Sagen continued down the illogical vortex and whined about crosswalks because it represents the struggle of being a “human in a car-dependent world”:

I’m sure I speak for many walkers when I say that the crosswalk hustle is my least favorite indignity of being a human in a car-dependent world.”

Sagen got mocked for the insanity on Twitter. Fox News opinion columnist David Marcus ripped Sagen for the absurd take in a tweet: “Stay in your house. Order from Amazon (only delivery persons are at risk that way), embrace the fear, do as your told and everything will be ok until eventually you die.”

Security Studies Group President Jim Hanson also let Sagen have it on Twitter, calling her a communist: “Exactly[.] Kill the cows & the cars[.] We can all live on vegan farms #ShutUpCommie.”

The Federalist co-founder Sean Davis said Sagen’s anti-car op-ed was emblematic of corrupt corporate media and turned her argument on its head: “Americans are in total collective denial about how lethal our corrupt corporate media are.” He continued: “We have to stop normalizing the suffering caused by left-wing propagandists with bylines.”

It’s fascinating how the left has flipped the script on car deaths. Anti-gun activists like former CNN host Piers Morgan used to downplay car deaths caused by drunk driving when propping up the need for gun control. Morgan once called the inanimate object equivalency between drunk drivers in cars and “lethal firearms” a “facile argument” during an old debate with former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura even though both cars and guns could be used recklessly by an individual.



Conservatives are under attack. Contact NBC News (212- 664-6192) and demand it distance itself from Sagen’s anti-autonomy propaganda.