Left-Wing Politico Sold for $1B to BIASED German Company Axel Springer

August 30th, 2021 9:40 AM

The left-wing Politico has been sold to a German company for a ridiculous $1 billion.

The Washingtonian reported that the Virginia-based news outlet is being sold for a whopping $1 billion to Axel Springer SE. The two entities had reportedly “been joint venture partners since 2014” when Politico Europe was launched, according to Business Wire. But the company is plagued with bias. Axel Springer Chairman and CEO Mathias Döpfner falsely accused President Donald Trump of being behind the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot by saying he “call[ed] for a coup against democratic institutions.” Even more damning was Döpfner’s op-ed in 2017, which nonsensically flailed that “Trump speaks the language of the mafia.” Really. “What does Trump have to do in order to be perceived by a sufficiently large number of Republicans as a democracy threat and thus no longer acceptable,” Döpfner whined. But Politico attaching itself to a company with explicit bias is characteristic of the publication’s years-long rap sheet of leftist bias. 

The outlet’s magazine previously argued along the same anti-Trump vein as Döpfner by publishing a piece comparing the drug addiction of musician Keith Richards to Trump in a November 2020 story headlined: “What Keith Richards Can Teach Us About Beating Our Donald Trump Addiction.” In the article’s strange metaphor, Americans are Keith Richards and Trump was their heroin.

Politico Chief Political Correspondent Tim Alberta made a stunning admission of his publication’s left-wing bias during a segment on CNN in November 2020 just before the election. “[M]ost of us are suffering from this collective PTSD from 2016,” Alberta cried.



Politico exploited the terrorist attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan, which killed 13 U.S. military members to spin it as another one of their Republicans “Pounced” stories: “GOP faces hurdles in push to make Afghanistan matter in the midterms.” More than 100 Politico staffers also threw a collective hissy fit in January when the outlet dared to publish a Politico Playbook newsletter guest-authored by The Daily Wire Founding Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro

The outlet hyped a letter in May 2021 by leftist groups calling on President Joe Biden to “drop the Republicans” and ram through his massive multitrillion-dollar spending agenda. “[Leftist groups] are sounding the alarms that compromising with Republicans on a scaled-down infrastructure bill — and spending the time that such a deal might require — could make it increasingly difficult to pass the rest of Biden’s sweeping agenda,” Politico wrote. 

Oh, but there’s more! Politico also attacked the free speech-oriented platform Parler in November 2020 for not censoring conservatives and Trump supporters. The headline for the story read as follows: "On Parler, MAGA’s post-election world view blossoms with no pushback.” The story decried how Parler became “a robust, consequence-free echo chamber for [MAGA supporters].”

Conservatives are under attack. Contact Politico at 703-647-7999 and demand it stop being an echo chamber for leftist propaganda.