What Bias? New MSNBC Legal Analyst Lisa Page Gave Cash to Never-Trump Group

June 8th, 2020 10:50 AM

Disgraced former FBI lawyer and newly-minted MSNBC Legal Analyst Lisa Page seems to have found a way to make herself appear more biased.

Federal Election Commission records show that Page had contributed at least $300 to the Never-Trump group The Lincoln Project February 1. The Lincoln Project is led by Never-Trumpers like attorney George Conway and political strategist Rick Wilson. Page listed the law firm ZwillGen PLLC as her employer, where she serves as Legal Director

The Lincoln Project had been pushing disgusting ads using the coronavirus and the economic catastrophe it wrought to attack President Donald Trump. The group also endorsed presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden April 8, just a couple of months after Page’s contribution.

Fox News reported that “Page made her debut as an MSNBC analyst during ‘Deadline: White House’ alongside former Mueller probe prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, who appears to have been rehired by the network after they severed ties after it was announced he was hosting a Biden fundraiser, which was ultimately canceled.”

Fox News continued: “Both Page and Weissmann offered legal analysis on the ongoing feud between President Trump and Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser over the presence of outside troops.”

Now that Page is tied monetarily to a venomous anti-Trump group, any legal analysis she provides concerning Trump reeks of political bias, in addition to her already controversial role in the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy debacle.

One Lincoln Project anti-Trump ad, “Mourning in America” was released May 4. The ad was “a play on Ronald Reagan’s 1984 ‘Morning in America’ campaign ad, which highlighted the positive impact of Reagan’s first term,” according to Forbes. MSNBC propaganda shows like Morning Joe and AM Joy went to town with it just days later. 

NewsBusters contributing editor Mark Finkelstein noted that Morning Joe “has aired the ad during their show -- for free -- multiple times.

MSNBC seems to have a habit of hiring legal analysts with explicit liberal bias. Earlier reporting showed MSNBC Legal Analyst Jill Wine-Banks had contributed cash to Biden. Wine-Banks was also elected as a delegate for Biden to the Democratic National Committee Convention in August.

NewsBusters Contributing Editor Mark Finkelstein contributed to this report.