Bloomberg NY Staffers Reportedly Laid Off After Being Told of Potential Coronavirus Exposure

March 23rd, 2020 6:43 PM

It looks as though liberal billionaire Michael Bloomberg may have had other reasons why he was laying off his presidential campaign staff, and they could be interpreted as just downright cruel.

Bloomberg had reportedly told NY-area campaign staffers “they had potentially been exposed to coronavirus” in an email last Thursday, before they were laid off the next day, Newsweek reported March 20. What makes this even worse is that staffers are “expected to lose their health insurance at the end of March.”

“Campaign staffers were allegedly promised paid positions, including health insurance, until the November election,” according to Newsweek.

Bloomberg seems content with the image he’s creating following his decision to scrap “his plan to fund an independent expenditure campaign to support the Democratic nominee (he's endorsed @JoeBiden),” according to NBC News’ Maura Barrett.

He had promised to spend $2 billion through November in order to defeat President Donald Trump. His recent moves have raised questions about that.

Bloomberg had spent a massive $876 million at least on his failed campaign alone, according to Forbes Magazine March 20. That’s still only about 44 percent of his $2 billion goal.

Earlier analysis showed that both Bloomberg and fellow liberal billionaire Tom Steyer collectively spent over $1 billion in their attempt to oust President Donald Trump from office, an effort that began even before their failed 2020 presidential campaigns. Now that total would be at least $1,252,718,074 with Bloomberg's new spending numbers.

“In a conference call Friday, about 1,500 former campaign staff members across the country were informed of the plans by the campaign’s states director and encouraged to apply to work for the D.N.C., though they were advised that, should they be hired, those jobs would carry different pay and benefits, “The New York Times reported March 20.