DNC Chair Freaks Out Before Debate: Climate Change ‘Threatens Our Universe’

July 31st, 2019 10:59 AM

Prior to the second round of Democratic primary debates in Detroit July 30, DNC Chairman Tom Perez addressed the crowd of voters and donors to lay out what his party had to offer in 2020.

After gushing over the twenty candidates’ “inclusive vision” of America, Perez freaked out about democracy and climate change. He vented that “our democracy is on fire and it’s a five-alarm blaze,” and predictably lashed out at Republicans for linking Democrats with the rise of socialism in the U.S. 

TOM PEREZ: "Presidents are supposed to be uniters, not dividers. Presidents should inspire us, not exhaust us. Presidents should make our lives better, not worse. And so in addition to being incredibly divisive and singling out our faith leaders in a remarkably racist way -- Reverend Sharpton, thank you for your leadership! [Cheers, applause] Thank you for standing up for not simply African-American communities. Thank you for standing up for everybody."

As he brought up climate change he ranted against EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler:

TOM PEREZ: And our EPA administrator ought to get the memo on climate change. Because climate change is an economic crisis! It’s a public health crisis! It’s a moral crisis! It threatens our universe and we must take action now!”

Well that’s a new one. Climate change threatens not only America and the planet, but now the universe? Not surprisingly, his boisterous pitch drew heavy applause from the crowd.