Bloomberg News Gives Platform to John Kerry to Declare ‘War’ on Climate Change

November 9th, 2022 4:48 PM

John KerrySpecial Presidential Envoy for Climate Change John Kerry gloated as Republicans picked up seats in the House, telling Bloomberg News that even a House flip would not stop the left from imposing disastrous climate change policies. 

When asked if “climate is dead if the Republicans win the House” by Bloomberg News Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait, Kerry said “no,” drawing a leftist editorialization from Micklethwait that, “It’s not in good shape.” 

Kerry and Micklethwait spoke at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt, on Wednesday. 

Kerry insisted that “things are looking very difficult” for climate in the long term “because we’re not moving fast enough.” But he added that climate change funding and activism will not stop, as he doubled down on what he called an all-out “war” on the “climate crisis.”



“The EPA says we have to deploy renewables six times faster than we are today,” Kerry said. “We’re just not geared for that, in a way. So we have to start to declare war on the climate crisis, coordinate as if we were in a war, get countries together to help with supply chains. And just begin to behave in the way that does justice to the fact that this issue is existential.” [Emphasis added]. 

Kerry also exaggerated data on global heat deaths. 

“We have ten million people a year who die because of the extreme heat now,” he said. “That’s up by about fifty percent.” 

But climate expert Dr. Bjorn Lomborg refuted those claims in a Nov. 4 op-ed for The Wall Street Journal. Lomborg excoriated The Lancet, a leading science journal, for its claim that “health [was] at the mercy of fossil fuels” in an absurd Oct. 25 study. He explained that The Lancet cherry-picked data by focusing on heat deaths in an “amateur statistical fallacy,” even though more people die from cold on average than from heat. 

Kerry doubled down on his anti-energy climate agenda, arguing that Americans are already suffering from the apocalyptic consequences of climate change. 

”You’ve got [a] massive dustbowl in Oklahoma, wind challenges; you’ve got the Colorado River and Lake Mead, Lake Powell, at levels they haven’t been since the 1930s, when they were put together, when they were made, “and a great deal of drought, fires out of control in various parts of the country, floods in other parts of the country, intensive storms.”

Kerry continued to fear-monger: “That’s the future, folks.” 

He bloviated that because the planet is warming at a yearly rate of 1.1 degrees and is apparently tracking toward a 3-degree annual rise,  “Obviously, that’s catastrophic.”

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