Rockefeller Foundation Bankrolls NPR ‘Climate Hysteria’ Agenda of ‘Total Control’

September 20th, 2022 3:37 PM

The leftist activists at The Rockefeller Foundation will bankroll NPR’s reporting on climate change, according to a recent press release. The Rockefeller Foundation is notoriously pro-abortion, pro-population control and anti-Israel. 

NPR and The Rockefeller Foundation NPR announced that it will launch a “new climate desk” to advance green propaganda in the U.S. and abroad, according to a Sept. 14 press release on its website.

NPR Chief Science Editor Andrea Kissack reportedly defended NPR’s decision to accept The Rockefeller Foundation’s money because ‘[n]o story touches as many people as climate change. Heat waves, mega-droughts and unprecedented floods are all becoming more intense and frequent.’” 

What Kissack didn’t mention is that The Rockefeller Foundation is radically partisan and owes much to the Clinton political machine. Huma Abedin, longtime Hillary Clinton aide and ex-wife of disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY), was asked to help then-Rockefeller Foundation President Judith Rodin a job working for former President Bill Clinton, according to Politico.

This isn’t the first time that The Rockefeller Foundation has attempted to tip the scales in favor of climate fanaticism. The Rockefeller Foundation also helped build a climate misinformation arm at The Associated Press. That money helped AP reach $8 million in funding “to cover climate issues” for the “largest single expansion” paid through leftist philanthropic grants in the outlet’s history. 

Kissack openly admitted that The Rockefeller Foundation’s money will help NPR swing public opinion in favor of green extremism. "With the NPR newsroom and Member stations, we'll strive to do stories that shape the national conversation on climate change." [Emphasis added.]

Fox News contributor and Junk Science founder Steve Milloy told MRC Business in exclusive comments that the leftist agenda on climate change is actually far more dangerous than NPR will admit: 

The goal of the leftist agenda is to control society so as to create a communistic world. The left has been working on this in America for just about 100 years now. Climate hysteria advances this agenda by scaring the public into giving the government virtually total control over the economy and our lives – where you live, what you eat, how you get around, how many children you have, what kind and how much energy you can use and much more. [Emphasis added]. 

NPR has acted as a sponge for leftist money, despite its claims to be an “independent” news network. MRC Business revealed that at least 10 liberal organizations, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ($14,164,937), the Ford Foundation ($12,350,000), liberal billionaire George Soros’s Foundation to Promote Open Society ($2,900,000), Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, ($218,000) and The Rockefeller Foundation ($200,000) gave a total of $43,817,937 to NPR from 2003 to 2019, according to Foundation Directory Online data. 

NPR also credited another far-left group, the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, with bankrolling its climate propaganda. “NPR's climate expansion has also been made possible by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, whose funding is helping NPR to add a new Climate Solutions reporter.” 

Conservatives are under attack. Contact your representative in Congress and demand they #DefundNPR.