Alli & Kat to Media: Stop Demeaning Women and Spreading Bogus Wage Gap Statistics!

September 22nd, 2016 10:23 AM

The gender wage gap is often grossly overstated  a problem driven by Hollywood and the media.

In this week’s AlliKat Show, Alli Nielsen and Kat Yoder take on a new video from The Huffington Post called “Pinksourcing.” The comedy sketch perpetuated exaggerated gender wage gap statistics and mocked women who choose to stay at home to raise families.

In the sketch, actress Kristen Bell, best known for her role as Veronica Mars, starred as the rep for “Pinksourcing,” a staffing agency that provides cheap female labor.

“With PinkSourcing, women are a bargain in the workplace since you only have to pay them 77 cents on the dollar!” Bell gushes.

The problem with the “Pinksourcing” sketch is that it’s completely inaccurate, as Newsbusters reporters Kat Yoder and Alli Nielsen reveal.

“If ‘Pinksourcing’ were real, it would get shut down real fast!” Kat said, citing the 1963 Equal Pay Act that made gender-based pay discrimination illegal.

Alli called the 77-cent statistic “shoddy research” because “it doesn’t compare men and women who have the same job, the same level of education, the same career experience, or work the same number of hours.”

“Even liberal Slate magazine called the ‘77-cents on the dollar’ statistic a lie  and that was back in 2013!” Kat continued. At the time, Harvard economists estimated the pay gap was around 91 cents on the dollar, and this year Glassdoor’s CEO said it was just 94.6 cents on the dollar.

Yet despite all that research, liberals continue to promote the 77-cent statistic and the idea that women are grossly underpaid for doing the same work as men. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used a similar statistic in her campaign.

“Pinksourcing” also offensively insinuated that women who stay home to raise families don’t get to follow their dreams or make life decisions.

“Newsflash, raising kids is a full time job! In many ways it’s even more demanding that working in an office,” Kat said.

Unlike what Bell implied, “having a family is just as respectable, and just as much of a career as any other job — paycheck or no paycheck!” Alli concluded.

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