Naomi Klein Speech Proves Climate Change Fight is Really About Wealth Redistribution

December 11th, 2015 12:42 PM

This week, Naomi Klein admitted that the true climate change agenda is to destroy capitalism and redistribute wealth.

On Dec. 10, The Huffington Post published activist Naomi Klein’s speech delivered to the Global Labor Institute event in Paris, on Dec. 7. Her speech was timed to the U.N. conference on climate change taking place in Paris. The GLI event focused on the role of trade unions in combating climate change.

“At its heart is the argument that if we take the imperative to rapidly build a post-carbon economy seriously, we have a once-in-a-century chance to transform our economy to make it far more equitable, so that it works for many more people,” Klein said.

So this isn’t about saving the planet from catastrophe, it’s about making economies “more equitable.” Additional remarks in that speech showed Working for “many more people” means destroying capitalism.

She cited Hurricane Katrina, a natural disaster, as her climate “wake up.” It "showed me that there is this irreconcilable conflict between the reality of climate change and the so-called free market ideology that has ruled our world for four decades." [Emphasis added]

Klein promoted The Leap manifesto, a call-to-arms on many issues including climate change dreamed up by her and other Canadian activists. It argues for liberal solutions on labor, immigration, poverty, “food justice” and other issues.

Her speech in Paris mapped the road to redistribution through a series of the Leap Manifesto demands including: “An end to fossil fuel subsidies. Financial transaction taxes. Increase royalties on fossil fuel extraction. Higher income taxes on corporations and wealthy people. A progressive carbon tax. Cuts to military spending.”

The manifesto also called for “energy reparations,” open borders for migrants and refugees, and “full rights for all workers, regardless of status.”

Klein, previously showed her disdain for the free market through her work as a fellow at the liberal Nation magazine and as an Occupy Wall Street activist. Klein argued in her 2014 book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate that the US should have to pay trillions of dollars in reparations for causing climate change. She’s even claimed that China is not communist in spite of the fact that China’s own government calls itself communist.