Film Exposing Climate Agenda Premieres in Paris as 'Wanted' Posters Denounce Morano

December 7th, 2015 2:15 PM

Climate alarmists have been in Paris warning about the threat of global warming and the need to limit carbon dioxide emissions for the past week now. But climate skeptics are also bringing their own enlightenment to the City of Light.

“Are they trying to control the climate … or you?” the new film Climate Hustle asks. That is just one of the questions the film will seek to answer about global warming alarmism.

The documentary film from CFACT and Climate Depot’s Marc Morano premieres in Paris on Dec. 7, during the international climate conference taking place there. According to the website, Climate Hustle “features prominent scientists from around the world who used to warn about the dangers of man-made global warming but have reexamined the evidence and have now grown more skeptical or become outright skeptics of man-made climate change fears.”

Some of them have been “branded” as climate heretics, for their changing views. Georgia Tech professor Judith Curry told The Spectator, “I was tossed out of the tribe” for encouraging accountability in science and engaging with skeptics.

In an interview about the film with Sean Hannity on Dec. 3, Morano said, “before fossil fuels caused global warming, fossil fuels caused global cooling, and there was actually the theory that they - that the fossil fuel burning was gonna block out the sun and cool the earth. But now they say that never happened, just like their trying to erase the global warming pause.”

Morano went on to assert that the global warming movement as a whole is working to craft a singular message that is “erasing the past” and pushing the climate change agenda forward.

Unfortunately for climate activists, there is often evidence of their past claims. For example, video from the 1970s of CBS’s Walter Cronkite warning that, among other things, a “new ice age is creeping over the Northern Hemisphere.”

On Dec. 7, Morano told MRCTV he is "expecting a huge splash" from the film premiere because it features liberals and scientists who have never publically spoken out before. 

"This is a movie made for American liberals and European liberals to reconsider – because we feature French socialists, we feature scientists who voted for Gore, we feature committed environmentalists, we feature really politically-left anti-war Democrats who’ve run – and now they’re alienated from their party because they disagree on this issue and they talk about all the intimidation and threats and the effect on their career for speaking out on this issue skeptically," Morano said.

Meanwhile in Paris, climate activists have branded Morano and six others as “Climate Criminals.” It accused Morano of “dirty backroom dealings” that are “destroying our future.” Avaaz, an activist group on many issues including climate change, posted a series of “wanted” posters around the city and online.

Ironically, the poster with Morano’s face and description claimed his actions have led to cyber-bullying.

Morano has so far had a light-hearted response to the posters impugning him.

Disclosure: The Media Research Center provided video clips to Morano for the film. 

Editor's Note: Morano worked for our colleagues at from 2001 to 2006.