By Ken Shepherd | July 18, 2013 | 5:48 PM EDT

Requiring a photo ID to cast a ballot is tantamount to an "assault on black America" that is "unforgettable, and, you could say, unforgivable."

At least according to MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews, who opted to close out his July 17 program -- and lead into veteran race-baiter Al Sharpton's PoliticsNation -- with a screed against his native Pennsylvania's voter ID law, the constitutionality of which is being challenged in a state court (video and transcript follow the page break):

By Noel Sheppard | July 18, 2013 | 11:41 AM EDT

As NewsBusters reported, conservative talk radio host Larry Elder had a heated exchange Wednesday with CNN's Piers Morgan concerning the George Zimmerman trial and prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel.

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Liberals on Twitter went absolutely nuts during and after the exchange throwing a barrage of vulgarity laden racial epithets at Elder (serious vulgarity warning):

By Noel Sheppard | July 18, 2013 | 10:13 AM EDT

CNN's Piers Morgan and conservative talk radio host Larry Elder had a heated debate Wednesday about the George Zimmerman trial and the prosecution's star witness Rachel Jeantel.

At one point during the exchange, Elder said to Morgan, "If she's one smart cookie, why don't you hire her as a co-host? (video follows with transcribed highlights via CNN.com and commentary):

By Noel Sheppard | July 17, 2013 | 7:35 PM EDT

Controversial George Zimmerman prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel told CNN's Piers Morgan Monday that the word "n--ga" - when ending with an "a" and not "er" - isn't racist.

Yet in an interview with HuffPost Live Wednesday, Jeantel said it was racist when conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said it (transcripts and commentary follow):

By Jeffrey Meyer | July 17, 2013 | 7:21 PM EDT

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts can’t seem to take off his liberal partisan hat when pretending to be a journalist on the “Lean Forward” network. Whether it be abortion or gay rights, Roberts would rather serve as a political activist for left-wing causes than actually be a fair and objective journalist.

Take for example the July 15 Morning Joe where Roberts filled-in as guest host to discuss the George Zimmerman murder trial. Roberts, like the rest of MSNBC, served as the PR team for the Martin family, responded to comments by panelist Mike Barnicle that his sons “have hit the American trifecta of privilege.” [See video after jump.]

By Michelle Malkin | July 17, 2013 | 7:17 PM EDT

Welcome to the Obama administration's cringe-inducing non sequitur of the week. On Tuesday, Attorney General Eric Holder continued stoking the fires of racial resentment over a Florida jury's acquittal of George Zimmerman. In an address to NAACP leaders, who are demanding federal intervention, Holder attacked Stand Your Ground self-defense laws.

All together now: Squirrel!

By Brad Wilmouth | July 17, 2013 | 7:10 PM EDT

On Tuesday's All In show, MSNBC host Chris Hayes gave the Reverend Jesse Jackson a softball interview in which the civil rights activist accused George Zimmerman of being "a known murderer" and invoked murder victims like Emmett Till and Medgar Evers from the civil rights movement.

Unlike Friday's show, when he corrected a guest who claimed that Zimmerman "murdered Trayvon Martin," Hayes voiced no exception with the Reverend Jackson's assertions. After Jackson brought up other black men who were killed under controversial circumstances in recent decades, Hayes accepted the liberal activist's premise as he followed up:

By Tom Blumer | July 17, 2013 | 6:04 PM EDT

In a "How can he possibly top this?" move, Eric Holder's Justice Department "is trolling for email tips on the former neighborhood watch volunteer (George Zimmerman) as it weighs a possible federal civil rights case against him."

What other establishment press outlets besides Fox News will cover this? And if they do, which of them (if any) will note the mountain of exculpatory evidence about Zimmerman? First, excerpts from Fox's report by Jake Gibson, followed by the accumulated evidence that Zimmerman more than likely hasn't a racist bone in his body (HT to a frequent tipster, who saw coverage of this on a Fox show earlier today; bolds are mine throughout this post):

By Nathan Roush | July 17, 2013 | 4:40 PM EDT

On the Monday night edition of All In, Chris Hayes featured a segment decrying what he considered a racially-motivated overzealous prosecution of Marissa Alexander, an African-American Florida woman who was sentenced to 20 years in prison after firing a warning shot in the vicinity of her estranged husband, with whom she was having a dispute. [Link to the audio here]

Hayes hosted a panel which included Rep. Corrine Brown (D-Fla.) to discuss the story, and its implications when compared against the outcome of the Zimmerman case. Rep. Brown passionately exclaimed that this case showed “institutional racism” in the justice system. Hayes and the panel agreed with Brown about her opinion that Alexander had been overcharged for her crime and called into question the legitimacy of “mandatory minimum” laws, which require a preset minimum sentence if convicted of certain crimes. But according to an Associated Press report, the story is a lot more complex than that. 

By Noel Sheppard | July 17, 2013 | 1:53 AM EDT

It seems even the CBS Late Show audience is tiring of Bill Maher.

On Tuesday, the HBO Real Time host was booed twice for tasteless jokes about the George Zimmerman verdict (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

By Paul Bremmer | July 16, 2013 | 5:27 PM EDT

Tavis Smiley is furious that President Obama has not done more to combat racism in America, and that anger was on full display Monday night. On his self-titled PBS program, Smiley unleashed a pair of long-winded leftist rants barely disguised as questions to his guest, Dr. Tricia Rose from Brown University.

Rose, who directs Brown’s Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, had suggested that Obama was incapable of ending structural racism in America by himself. Hearing that, Smiley erupted: “[I]f you’re right about this, then what the heck is the value of us celebrating a black president?”

By Brad Wilmouth | July 16, 2013 | 4:50 PM EDT

On Monday's All In with Chris Hayes, MSNBC political analyst Michael Eric Dyson declared that George Zimmerman has become "a kind of patron saint of the right wing in a very serious way" as he complained that he has "been made an icon" and will receive external support in his freedom.

Host Hayes fretted that Zimmerman would not sufficiently have to face his conscience as he quoted a tweet. Hayes: