By Matthew Balan | September 24, 2013 | 7:03 PM EDT

Charlie Rose and Norah O'Donnell broke out the kid gloves for Bill Clinton on Tuesday's CBS This Morning. Rose and O'Donnell failed to press the Democrat on the possible conflicts of interest surrounding his Clinton Global Initiative, as well as his wife Hillary's possible 2016 presidential run. The two anchors granted over 12 and a half minutes of air time to the former president.

Rose played up the "human side" of Clinton, and wondered if Hillary would "rather be – today – she can do both – president or grandmother?" O'Donnell pointed out that Mrs. Clinton "said you guys are watching movies together and taking long walks. And so, how is life different now?" [MP3 audio available here; video below the jump]

By Matt Hadro | September 24, 2013 | 3:27 PM EDT

After waiving and yelling like a groupie at President Obama and Vice President Biden back in January, Today weather anchor Al Roker palled around with Biden in a friendly interview that aired on Tuesday's Today show.

"You've got a thing. You and the Vice President. You've got a thing," joked co-host Willie Geist. "It's a bromance," responded Roker. "He's terrific. He's terrific." Roker also asked Biden if a government shutdown could affect disaster relief, and if extreme weather was the "new normal."

By Noel Sheppard | September 24, 2013 | 1:24 PM EDT

It's an immutable fact that Aaron Alexis only brought a shotgun to the massacre at the Washington Navy Yard last week.

Despite this, MSNBC's Chris Jansing on Monday didn't challenge Democratic strategist Steve McMahon when he claimed on the program bearing her name Alexis "walked in with an assault weapon" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

By Matt Hadro | September 24, 2013 | 1:21 PM EDT

Tuesday's Today show didn't even mention the retirement of Lois Lerner, the IRS official at the center of the Tea Party targeting scandal, but it aired two full segments on President Obama talking about his old smoking habit.

"The President caught on an open mic bragging to a fellow world leader about finally beating the smoking habit," political director Chuck Todd started his report. He pointed out Obama's inconsistency with the facts in saying he hadn't smoked in six years, by noting that the President confessed in 2009 to giving into his habit.

By Scott Whitlock | September 24, 2013 | 12:50 PM EDT

 MSNBC isn't even trying anymore. A new ad for Hardball actually touted Chris Matthews's past as a Democratic operative for Tip O'Neill. As black and white pictures of Matthews appeared onscreen, the host bragged, "I'm not new to politics, nor to the issues that divide us. Nor am I free of the passions they engage." (Considering that Matthews famously extolled the "thrill" Barack Obama sent up his leg, he's clearly not free of "passion.") [See video of the ad below. MP3 audio here.]

Hyping the profundity of his TV show, Matthews trumpeted, "Here on Hardball, you can expect me to discuss history as it relates to what's happening now. You can expect me to analyze what politicians are doing today with what I've seen other politicians do before." Perhaps it's a knowledge of history that caused the anchor last year to connect modern conservatives to genocidal murderer Adolf Hitler.

By Noel Sheppard | September 24, 2013 | 11:26 AM EDT

The 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard is considered one of the nation's most notorious hate crimes.

Yet when a new book comes out by a gay author contending that Shepard was not killed because of his sexual orientation, America's media appear disinterested in reporting the new revelations.

By Mark Finkelstein | September 24, 2013 | 8:26 AM EDT

Drag a $100 bill through MSNBC and there's no telling what you'll find.  On today's Morning Joe, the ever-classy James Carville likened GOP primary voters to low-quality prison inmates.

Carville made his asinine analogy in responding to Joe Scarborough's suggestion that Republicans can still prevail in coming election cycles if they do the "smart thing." Carville said the situation reminded him of what Lester Maddox said the problem was in the Georgia prison system: the quality of the inmates.  According to Carville, the GOP's problem is the quality of Republican primary voters.  View the video after the jump.

By Ken Shepherd | September 23, 2013 | 6:12 PM EDT

"I’m going to torch this [bleep]ing place." That's what an angry Ed Schultz reportedly threatened at a testy August 2010 exchange with the suits at MSNBC. Schultz was reportedly fired up because, "the network was running election-night promos and he wasn’t in them. He’d been arguing on the phone with marketing, then he slammed down the phone and exploded," a witness to the outburst told the New York Post.

So imagine our glee this afternoon when ol' Ed opened up his September 23 program with a montage featuring, wait for it, "Burning Down the House," by The Talking Heads.

By Ken Shepherd | September 23, 2013 | 2:50 PM EDT

An incredulous Stuart Varney brought NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell on his Varney & Co. program this morning to discuss how  "[t]he mainstream media [have been] completely ignoring one the the biggest news stories of the year," by devoting zero news stories to the IRS scandal since July.

"Is that accurate, they haven't even mentioned it since those dates we put up on the screen?!" Varney asked Bozell at the segment. "It's fascinating and so troubling" because we have "one of the greatest abuses in my lifetime, the greatest abuse of federal power ever, where you're using the most-feared arm of government  against the people and you're seeing one revelation after another" which the networks simply refuse to cover. The Media Research Center founder and president rattled off just a few [LISTEN to mp3 audio here; WATCH the video below the page break]:

By Scott Whitlock | September 23, 2013 | 12:50 PM EDT

 The journalists at Good Morning America on Monday hyped a puff piece on whether Hillary Clinton will run for President in 2016, but ignored a critical look at the Clinton Global Initiative and its brewing scandal. Instead, reporter Dan Harris promoted a New York magazine story on the former Secretary of State. He quoted the possible presidential contender on her relationship with Bill: "We laugh at our dogs. We watch stupid movies. We take long walks. We go for a swim. You know, just ordinary, everyday pleasures." [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

Harris made sure to point out that "if she does run, the polls show she's in a strong position to win her party's nomination and even the general election, although it is ridiculously early in the game, of course." The segment was so content free that after it concluded, co-host Robin Roberts wondered, "So, exactly, what did we learn?" In contrast, CBS This Morning's Jan Crawford managed to cover the New York story as well as an expose in the New Republic entitled, "Scandal at Clinton Inc."

By Matt Hadro | September 23, 2013 | 11:19 AM EDT

On Monday's Today, NBC's Chuck Todd claimed that Congress could pass gun control legislation but is just too afraid to do it.

Todd reported that "the reality is there's political paralysis when it comes to the gun issue," even though the Senate already tried and failed to pass a background check bill in April. Todd instead blamed "recall elections that took place in Colorado just a few weeks ago" for Congress' lack of "motivation."

By Brent Baker | September 22, 2013 | 4:00 PM EDT

PBS put its late-night leftism on display on Meet the Press when PBS host Tavis Smiley used his slot, on the Sunday morning NBC News show’s panel, to regret President Barack Obama’s supposed touting of “American Exceptionalism” and claim the presumed desire of conservatives in the House, to shut down the federal government, means “we are going to lose our democracy. It’s that serious.”

Smiley fretted that “the President recently, much to my chagrin, spoke of, advanced once again, this notion of American Exceptionalism, and clearly he isn’t the only one in town who likes to push that notion that we as Americans are exceptional.”