May 4, 2016 | 7:45 AM EDT

A federal appeals court ruling upholding Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s authority to enforce Arizona state law that makes it a felony for unauthorized immigrants to use stolen identities to obtain work has been bitterly denounced by the hosts of Telemundo’s morning show, Un Nuevo Día.

By Edgard Portela | May 2, 2016 | 9:55 PM EDT

If you were depending on Telemundo or Univision for your news as Puerto Rico careened toward its largest default yet on May Day 2016, you would have to be forgiven for having absolutely no idea about the real causes behind the territory’s massive default, including a public sector apparatus that has remained pathetically addicted to unsustainable levels of spending at all levels.

By Jorge Bonilla | May 2, 2016 | 5:03 PM EDT

Telemundo anchor María Celeste Arrarás is back at it again, inventing words out of whole cloth so as to insert her opinion into a news story. This time, she dropped an editorial at the end of the network's coverage of a recent anti-Trump protest in California.

By Jorge Bonilla | May 2, 2016 | 4:44 PM EDT

"...los que piensan".

By Edgard Portela | May 1, 2016 | 1:35 PM EDT

Gracias al empeño de Judicial Watch, la misma organización que ha seguido enérgicamente en las cortes la ética de la actuación de Hillary Clinton cuando era secretaria de estado, se conoce ahora una serie de mensajes internos de correo electrónico de los Centros para el Control y Prevención de Enfermedades (CDC por sus siglas en inglés) que documentan los riesgos de seguridad y de salud que se plantean con las decenas de miles de niños centroamericanos que entraron recientemente a Estados Unidos de manera ilegal.

By Edgard Portela | April 29, 2016 | 7:30 AM EDT

Something odd happened in Telemundo’s coverage of Donald Trump’s debut major foreign policy speech: they kept wondering where his proposal for a U.S.-Mexico border wall went.

By Jorge Bonilla | April 28, 2016 | 11:45 PM EDT

No les cae el 20.

By Jorge Bonilla | April 28, 2016 | 10:39 PM EDT

Demographics is...delusion.

By Sam Dorman | April 28, 2016 | 6:47 PM EDT

The co-founder of one of America’s most liberal news sites just took a position on Uber’s board of directors.

In an April 27, 2016, article, co-founder of the Huffington Post Arianna Huffington explained her decision to join close friend and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick on the company’s board of directors. 

By Jorge Bonilla | April 27, 2016 | 11:00 PM EDT

Demographics is destiny, indeed. 

By Edgard Portela | April 27, 2016 | 7:30 AM EDT

Thanks to the work of government watchdog Judicial Watch, the same organization that has aggressively pursued in court former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s past rogue practices in high office, a series of Centers for Disease Control (CDC) emails have been revealed that document the health and safety risks that came along with the tens of thousands of undocumented Central American minors that recently entered the country.

By Edgard Portela | April 26, 2016 | 9:54 PM EDT

La tendencia favorable a Hillary Clinton en Univisión quedó expuesta plenamente durante la más reciente entrevista que le hizo la cadena a la principal aspirante presidencial demócrata.