Cut And Run

Cut And Run - Sung to the Tune of ''Let It Snow''By Edward L. Daley(Feel free to sing along with the instrumental version the Weathermen all were MarxistsTheir successors now are heartsickSo they beat their anti-Bush-war drumCut and run, cut and run, cut and run.They're showing no signs of stoppingAnd their leadership's flip-floppingSurrender-monkeys everyoneCut and run, cut and run, cut and run.When we finally win this warI'll enjoy saying ''I told you so''To the people who think Al GoreReally won back in O-Ohhhh...The peaceniks just keep on bitchingAs their moles go right on snitchingJohn Murtha's their favorite sonCut and run, cut and run, cut and runEdward L. Daley is the owner of the Daley Times-Post - http://www.times-post.comand founder of the Conservative Convention 2007 project -