Kos & Hamsher's Cute Little Lapdog: Ned Lamont

Martin Peretz wrote an excellent editorial Monday noting that Connecticut's would-be Senator Ned Lamont is Karl Rove's dream Democrat: shallow to the extreme, a one-trick pony candidate who displays all the depth of a rainpuddle when it comes to the situations in places like Iraq and Iran.

All of that is quite true of course. But Peretz left out the most important fact about Ned Lamont: he's nothing but the lapdog of the most hateful, unhinged fringe leftists in the blogosphere, like Jane Hamsher and Markos Moulitsas Zúniga.

Mark Finkelstein notes that Markos Moulitsas Zúniga is strangely coy about his close personal friendship and tireless promotion of his lapdog Ned Lamont. Why might that be? Hmm, let me think: could it be that if he acknowledged the relationship openly, Ned Lamont might have to answer for so many of the vicious, hateful, and just plain lunatic fringe stuff that appears regularly on his blogger-buddy web sites?

Indeed, I'm quite certain Markos has urged Lapdog Lamont to distance himself from the blogs, now that the press is actually getting wind of just what the "netroots" in the blogosphere are often like--racist, hateful, vicious, and totally unhinged. These are people who refer to Joe Lieberman as "rape gurney Joe" and make racist, anti-semitic cartoons about him, and who say things like "screw them" about Americans killed in Iraq. Which you'd think Lamont would just walk away from--but he can't. Jane and Markos helped him raise tens of thousands of dollars, helped him make campaign commercials, and almost entirely created his campaign. They were there from the beginning, so like the good little puppy he is, Lamont can only do so much to deny the relationship without being called a liar and/or an idiot.

Aw, isn't he their precious little baby? Whozza cutest widdle Senator? Who's momma's big boy? Who's daddy's favor playtoy? Good widdle Neddy, good boy, good widdle boy!!!

(Photoshop by Jaymaster. Thanks also to Martin Shoemaker and Bernadette Durbin, who also turned in some pretty swank photoshops, but this was the best I thought. I'll post the others if Lamont wins tomorrow.)

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