Today "Disappears" Bloomberg: Record Victory Doesn't Jive with "Clean Sweep" Theme

<p><img hspace="0" src="media/2005-11-09-NBCTDAYopen.jpg" align="right" border="0" />Imagine that a Democrat had been elected mayor of the nation's largest city, a place where Republicans enjoyed an overwhelming registration edge.  Picture too the Dem winning in record-breaking fashion.  Do you think the Today show might have mentioned it the next morning?</p><p>So do I.  Yet, incredibly, Katie &amp; Co. this morning never once mentioned the historic triumph of Mike Bloomberg in the very New York City from which their show is broadcast.</p><p>Bloomberg not only won re-election, but his 20-point margin was the largest ever by a Republican candidate in NYC, larger even than that of Rudy Giuliani at the height of his popularity, and this in a city where Democrats outnumber Republicans 5:1.</p><p>So totally did Today &quot;disappear&quot; Bloomberg that you might expect those famous Argentinian mothers of the 'desaparecidos'  to be marching in his name today in the Plaza de Mayo.</p><p>And just why did Today wipe Mayor Mike from the news in style worthy of Stalinist revisionists in the basements of the Kremlin scrubbing Khruschev from the history books?</p><p>The answer is obvious.  His victory didn't fit with Today's theme of the day, trumpeted in the show's opening graphic.  The show proclaimed yesterday's results to be a &quot;Clean Sweep&quot; for the Democrats, and no record-breaking Republican victory in the country's largest city was going to spoil the message.</p><p>The &quot;clean sweep&quot; was, in predictable turn, used to bash Bush.  Asked the screen graphic: &quot;Did GOP Suffer Bush Backlash?&quot;  The Today's show answer was a resounding 'yes', as political commentators Charlie Cook and Prof. Mark Rozell were brought in to somberly opine to such effect.</p><p>One last gauge of NBC's determination to suppress any positive news for Republicans: while blacking out Bloomberg, Today found time to mention a public smoking referendum in Washington State.</p>

Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.