Some Journalists Suggest Subtle Racism in Rove Rap

I didn't think anyone could really be offended by Karl Rove's "dancing" to a comedic rap routine at this week's Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner. Well, aside from maybe Julia Louis-Dreyfus (whose "Seinfeld" character Elaine Benes has been dethroned as World's Worst Dancer).

I was wrong.

According to Politico's Helena Andrews:

A popular listserv for the younger members of the National Association of Black Journalists (which this reporter is a member of) was abuzz early Thursday morning: Was it funny, offensive or just stupid?

Some compared the sketch to a modern-day minstrel show, others tried and failed to muster indignation against it and still others wondered whether the critics were simply over-thinking.

“It ticks me, but I don’t know how to address it,” [Tavia] Evans Gilchrist added.

A White House spokesman said: “We’re not going to comment. We think it speaks for itself.”

Maybe Gilchrist can find some Congressman to grill Rove about it during a Hill hearing on Alberto Gonzales.

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Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd is a writer living in New Carrollton, Md.