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By Matt Hadro | March 16, 2012 | 1:49 PM EDT

Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney have a "disposition of anti-immigrant," sounded CNN guest and liberal Columbia University professor Marc Lamont Hill on Friday's Starting Point.

"[W]hen I hear Rick Santorum talking, when I hear Mitt Romney talk, I hear a disposition of anti-immigrant. I hear a language of English as the language of imperialism and global dominance," Lamont Hill said.

By Tim Graham | March 16, 2012 | 1:09 PM EDT

On Wednesday's Al Sharpton radio show, they objected to the idea that President Obama would be "undermined" around the world by conservative media "because of his race." The guest was David A. Wilson, executive editor of the NBC-owned black "news" website

"We forget as Americans a lot of things we say really has an international reach. We live in a global community now," complained Wilson, utterly forgetting how by this standard, liberal media outlets routinely undermined Republicans like George W. Bush around the world. "It’s very important that we monitor the way in which we talk because, you know, we’re actually criticizing ourselves to the international world. [Sic] We’re not just – and not just criticizing ourselves, but sometimes we’re undermining our own leaders."

By Kyle Drennen | March 16, 2012 | 12:49 PM EDT

At the top of Thursday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams did his part for President Obama's re-election as he announced: "Game on. The President and Vice President hitting it hard tonight on the campaign trail." Introducing the supposed news report, Williams touted how Republicans were "eating up time and money and effort" in the primary race, while "Democrats were in full fall campaign mode."

White House correspondent Kristen Welker sounded more like the White House press secretary as she set up a string of sound bites from Obama and Joe Biden: "President Obama defended his energy policy in suburban Maryland today, and attacked his GOP rivals....Assuming the traditional vice presidential role of campaign attack dog, Biden bared his teeth before a receptive audience of auto workers in politically-important Ohio....he slammed the Republican candidates who opposed the auto bailout." Not a single Republican sound bite was included.

By Ken Shepherd | March 16, 2012 | 12:48 PM EDT

When the Virginia General Assembly was debating a new voter ID law, the Washington Post did its level best to paint the measure as a vote suppressing measure that was akin to "Jim Crow" laws. The Post's editorial board also weighed in by charging that making the voter ID laws stricter was evidence of "institutional racism" in state government.

But now that the debate is over and the bill is likely to be signed by Gov. Bob McDonnell (R), the Post's Richmond correspondents Laura Vozzella and Anita Kumar today admitted that, well, the legislation is fairly lax compared with stricter legislation that absolutely requires photo IDs in other states:

By NB Staff | March 16, 2012 | 11:45 AM EDT

MRC President Brent Bozell appeared on the Mark Levin radio show, Thursday, to premiere a new montage of Ed Schultz's most hateful comments and attack MSNBC's double standard. Pointing out liberal journalists who have called for Rush Limbaugh's firing, but are silent on Shultz, Bozell declared, "I’ve had it with the dishonesty. I’ve had it with the shameless posturing. I’ve had it with the hypocrisy.  And it’s time to call them out on it."

Video of Schultz's foaming, unhinged rants over "bastard," "slut" conservatives can be found below. [MP3 audio here.] After Levin played the montage, which included Shultz suggesting some conservatives want to murder Barack Obama, Bozell wondered, "Have you ever heard any one of those reporters who were upset with Rush Limbaugh ever express any outrage at anything that Ed Schultz has said along the lines we just played you?"

By Tom Blumer | March 16, 2012 | 11:31 AM EDT

When the press wants to smear a conservative outfit, it embarks on a mission to find and highlight someone, no matter how peripheral their involvement or unreflective of that group's beliefs, to portray as somehow typical of their mindset. But when someone who is clearly a long-time activist in the "pro-choice" movement clearly betrays the truth -- that the movement really is pro-abortion without limits -- they're nowhere to be found.

I expect that to be the case with Jessica DelBalzo's latest item ("I Love Abortion") filed at RH Reality Check, and not merely because the press is so predictable. It's because the press ignored an arguably more outrageous commentary Ms. DelBalzo filed at the same site in August, where she proudly told readers that she had discussed abortion and with her two year-old child, and that all "pro-choice" mothers of toddlers who successfully escaped the womb should do the same thing -- before the "forced-birth bullies" have a chance to exert their awful influence.

By Clay Waters | March 16, 2012 | 11:21 AM EDT

Here's your daily dose of liberal hysteria, courtesy of New York Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal's Thursday evening post, "Grand, Old and Anti-Woman." Previously Rosenthal called Republican House Speaker John Boehner a racist  for asking President Obama to delay a speech to Congress.

By Noel Sheppard | March 16, 2012 | 11:02 AM EDT

During an interview with Sen. James Inhofe (R-Ok.) Thursday, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow referenced the wrong segment in her December 3, 2009, show to accuse her guest of having a hand in Uganda's "Kill the Gays" bill.

Ironically, she did so to also accuse the Senator of taking HER out of context in his new book "The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future" (videos follow with transcripts and commentary):

By NB Staff | March 16, 2012 | 10:58 AM EDT

Are left-wing hatemongers like Ed Schultz sullying the NBC brand? How do legitimate, albeit left-leaning, journalists like Matt Lauer or Tom Brokaw feel about NBCUniversal's cable news outlet, Fox News's Sean Hannity wondered during last night's "Media Mash" segment with NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell.

"You have to wonder about that. When you think of Tom Brokaw, when you think of the late Tim Russert... these are liberals... but there was almost always a level of civility, and although you could continue disagreeing with one another, it was an honest disagreement," Bozell noted. Unfortunately, "radicals that far exceed anything Tom Brokaw ever did" dominate on MSNBC. [see video below]

By Brent Bozell | March 16, 2012 | 10:41 AM EDT

Last night, Bill O’Reilly had some very nice things to say about the Media Research Center and for that I’m grateful.  But he made a major criticism of this organization, and rather than have me on to respond to it, he brought on two other guests to discuss it. So I’ll respond here.

Bill O’Reilly is wrong.

By Brent Baker | March 16, 2012 | 10:00 AM EDT

Obama administration officials in the Department of Health and Human Services announced Thursday they would pull all of Medicaid’s funding for Texas’ Women’s Health Program because the state decided to no longer pass those funds along to abortion providers, such as Planned Parenthood. Instead of holding the Obama officials accountable for putting the interests of a favored liberal group ahead of the poor women of Texas, right on cue the CBS Evening News turned it into another tale of woe with women as victims in the loss of “free” services provided by the sacrosanct Planned Parenthood. 

“A fight over Planned Parenthood could leave thousands of women without health services,” anchor Scott Pelley ominously teased Thursday night, before introducing the report on how the “a growing dispute...could leave thousands of Texas women without access to health care.”

By Matthew Sheffield | March 16, 2012 | 9:56 AM EDT

Despite their hasty and persistent denials, evidence keeps piling up that President Obama and his Administration aren't exactly displeased at the prospect of higher fuel costs. One of the best pieces of evidence has been Department of Energy secretary Steven Chu's remarks about wanting fuel prices here to be comensurate with Europe's higher rates.

While Obama himself has also famously said that he wanted the price of coal electricity to "necessarily skyrocket," until now, there hasn't been a video of him stating the same sentiment about gas prices. Now there is. Watch below the fold.

By Dan Gainor | March 16, 2012 | 9:41 AM EDT

It happens every spring. The players take their positions for the big game. The fans start screaming as the huge numbers on the board go up and up and up.

By Tim Graham | March 16, 2012 | 7:05 AM EDT

Allahpundit at Hot Air noticed two reporters at The Huffington Post are reporting an "unexpected surge in support to place same-sex marriage on the Democratic Party platform." Will this end the media-enabled charade that Obama (the "committed Christian") opposes "marriage equality"? Former CNN contributor Hilary Rosen insisted “I find it impossible to believe that this presidential election will be completed without Barack Obama coming out strongly for marriage equality and Mitt Romney coming out strongly against it."

This internal party platform struggle -- which, as usual, is being conducted without the major networks or newspapers touching it -- might also be a factor in why the White House state dinner for British prime minister David Cameron had a "huge gay presence," including Rosen, who belongs to the same PR firm as former White House aide Anita Dunn. The gay magazine The Advocate was delighted to list fifteen prominent gays, including Obama bundlers and several journalists:

By Tom Blumer | March 16, 2012 | 12:47 AM EDT

From David Axelrod's Magic Land of the Double Standard: "Cleanup attempt at CNN. Bring the hazmat suits."

Tonight on CNN, as reported by several outlets (Mediaite, Politico, LA Times, but not the Associated Press, which as of 11:45 p.m. on Thursday hadn't done a national story about Maher in 10 days), David Axelrod told Erin Burnett, in the process of dodging a question about whether an Obama Super-PAC would give back Bill Maher's $1 million contribution, said that Maher's outrageous, misogynist comments against mostly conservative women really aren't as important as Rush Limbaugh's one-time, apologized-for hits at Sandra Fluke: