Shepard Smith Explodes Over Plan to Tax Soda Pop

On the December 18 "Studio B," Fox News Channel's Shepard Smith blasted an idea being floated by liberal San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (D)  to slap a new tax on stores that sell soda. It makes for great video, especially given Shep's penchant for leaning left on global warming.

Of course, Shep did also hint that he thinks it would be better to outlaw tobacco rather than add so-called sin taxes on it. All the same, it makes for fun video as Shep wonders if sugary gum or comfortable mattresses will be taxed next for their alleged contributions to the "obesity epidemic."

Video (2:58): Windows Media (1.83 MB) and MP3 audio (1.36 MB).

Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd is a writer living in New Carrollton, Md.