Merry Christmas from The Seattle Times

<p><img border="0" vspace="7" align="right" width="250" src="" hspace="7" alt="drag hag" height="268" />On this holy Sunday, just before the celebration of the birth of the Christian Savior, The Seattle Times decided it needed something Christmas related for its Entertainment &amp; Arts section. Not just something that reflects the values of 92% of the country, like a church service, a Christmas play, or a church choir. No, this has to be something that represents The Seattle Times values. Seattle Times arts writer Michael Upchurch certainly found it. </p><p>The Seattle Times decided the front page should include the &quot;tawdry glamour&quot; and &quot;warped yuletide spirit&quot; of &quot;drag legend <a href="" title="Drag hag">Dina Martina</a> - a big boned chanteuse of stage and dive&quot;. So bundle up the kids in their Sunday best and brave the cold night so that your family may celebrate the birth of the Lord at &quot;The All-New Dina Martina Christmas Show&quot;.</p><p>If there is anyone in the Seattle area who is on the fence about cancelling their subscription to The Seattle Times, this would make a great stocking stuffer. </p>