Sharpton To Schultz: FCC Should Threaten Radio Stations Carrying Rush

If the left can't get Rush by reviving the Fairness Doctrine, maybe the race card will work . . .

Al Sharpton has called for the FCC to go after the stations that carry Rush Limbaugh, unsubtly implying that their licenses should be in jeopardy.  Sharpton made his speech-chilling suggestion to Ed Schultz on the latter's MSNBC show this evening.

The background is the back-and-forth betweeen Schultz and Rush regarding Limbaugh's comments on Jim Clyburn, Pres. Obama and Sheila Jackson Lee.  But the bottom line is that the left wants to find an excuse, any excuse, to grab the mike from the man who has wreaked so much havoc on their cause.

View video after the jump of Sharpton repeatedly calling for the FCC to threaten stations carrying Rush's show.

Watch another member of the Dissent Is Patriotic crowd urge the Obama administration to use its power to silence a critic.

AL SHARPTON: When you keep having all of these racial tones, that is supported by federally-regulated radio--remember, these stations that he is on go to the federal government to get consolidation, to get waivers--the government has a right to protect free speech but they also have an obligation to hold standards where American people are not subjected to this
. . .

I think that even if his advertisers can't be stopped with boycotts, the FCC must step in and deal with standards on how they give station clearances to people that just want to race-bait. This is not about opinions, this is not about what you or I say in our college speeches or churches.  This is on federally-regulated airwaves that the FCC gives the license to stations to let them do this

. . .

The Congressional Black Caucus, Progressive Caucus and others ought to take this up with the FCC.  Their ought to be a line, on race, on gender, on sexual status. There ought to be a line where people have the right to say what they want, but they do not have a right to use federally-regulated airwaves to malign people because of groups

. . .

I think that Rush Limbaugh does what he does. I think that what bothers me is there are stations and networks that are allowed to make money off of him desecrating the presidents of the United States on Mount Rushmore.  That bothers me.

Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.