Time's Klein: McCain 'Too Grudging' on North Korea Nuke Deal

I'm still trying to figure out who died and made Joe "Anonymous" Klein Time magazine's foreign policy expert-in-residence. The sometime presidential primary fiction writer apparently thinks John McCain's statement on the Bush administration's nuclear deal with North Korea is too "grudging":

...Congratulations to George W. Bush for finally making the correct choice--diplomatic engagement, regional talks that enabled quiet unofficial contacts with the North Koreans, which then led to direct negotiations--in resolving this dispute. Wonder what John Bolton is thinking this morning?

Update: John McCain has just released this statement, which is a bit too grudging for my taste, but does raise the appropriate questions going forward

So let's see: Klein praises Bush but takes a mild swipe at Sen. McCain for having the gall to suggest that North Korea might not live up to its word, which it clearly has a history of doing.

In other words, on one key issue where the Bush administration seems to fall to the left of McCain -- and certainly to the left of critics who argue the administration has gone soft on Kim Jong-il -- the otherwise harsh critic of the Bush administration has kind words for Bush while aiming to make McCain sound, well, a tad crotchety.

It makes one wonder if Klein is more concerned with pretense over substance in foreign policy. Nah, that's crazy talk!

Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd is the Managing Editor for NewsBusters