Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis. His career at the MRC began in February 1989 as associate editor of MediaWatch, the monthly newsletter of the MRC before the Internet era.

Graham is co-author with MRC president Brent Bozell of the books Collusion: How the Media Stole the 2012 Election and How To Prevent It From Happening Again in 2016 (2013) and Whitewash: What The Media Won’t Tell You About Hillary Clinton, But Conservatives Will (2007). He is also the author of the book Pattern of Deception: The Media's Role in the Clinton Presidency (1996).

Graham is a regular talk-radio and television spokesman for the MRC and has made television appearances on MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, and the Fox Business Channel. His articles have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, National Review, and other publications.

Graham left the MRC to serve in 2001and 2002 as White House Correspondent for World, a national weekly Christian news magazine. He returned in 2003. Before joining the MRC, Graham served as press secretary for the campaign of U.S. Rep. Jack Buechner (R-Mo.) in 1988, and in 1987, he served as editor of Organization Trends, a monthly newsletter on philanthropy and politics by the Washington-based Capital Research Center.

Graham is a native of Viroqua, Wisconsin and graduated from Bemidji State University in northern Minnesota. 

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June 5, 2015, 7:07 PM EDT

Brent Scher at the Washington Free Beacon added an intriguing spin on Friday’s New York Times “scoop” on the traffic citations of Sen and Mrs. Marco Rubio. The Times report appeared very shortly after all these citations were pulled by American Bridge PAC, a very pro-Hillary super PAC that’s gettting fingerprints on several media hit pieces on Republican presidential candidates.

Dylan Byers at Politico reported that Carolyn Ryan, the paper’s Washington bureau chief, denied that their records were just a handover from the Democratic opposition researchers. But notice that the time frames are the same, and the reported citations neatly correspond.

June 5, 2015, 12:05 PM EDT

The story of Bruce Jenner declaring against human reality that he’s a woman was already a tired old story, exhausted last month in a one-hour prime time ABC “news” special. But that's not how the grand poohbahs of our news and entertainment media see it. They can't get enough.

We know -- everyone knows -- Vanity Fair magazine rolled out a new cover of Bruce Jenner gaudily underdressed as a woman with the headline “Call Me Caitlyn.” Not a cover story, mind you, just a cover image. The media went bananas. ABC, CBS, and NBC offered more than 48 minutes of coverage in two days, as if Jenner was now the Queen of America.

June 5, 2015, 11:43 AM EDT

Now that all the power and swagger of the news magazines Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report have passed away -- even as the brands continue -- the death rattle of Time magazine is becoming obvious...when you run articles "written" by Muppets.

On Time's "Ideas" blog on Thursday, they posted an article headlined "Miss Piggy: Why I Am a Feminist Pig."  Apparently, the Muppet star never burned her bra, but feels like as an accomplished "Porcine American," she can be included in the pantheon of great feminists.

June 5, 2015, 10:16 AM EDT

GOP consultant Rick Wilson tweeted a critique of The New York Times on Friday morning: “So we've already reached the bottom of the oppo barrel, have we?” On their First Draft blog, reporters Alan Rappaport and Steve Eder have reported that Sen. Marco Rubio and his wife Jeannette have 17 traffic citations between them over the last 18 years.

Mrs. Rubio was tagged for 13 out of the 17. Is this supposed to punish the Rubios when Hillary Clinton hasn’t driven a car during this entire 18-year period?

June 4, 2015, 1:55 PM EDT

The New York Times can show a liberal bias even when it writes on Internet trolls. How do we illustrate the problem? 

"Today an ISIS supporter might adopt a pseudonym to harass a critical journalist on Twitter, or a right-wing agitator in the United States might smear demonstrations against police brutality by posing as a thieving, violent protester."

June 3, 2015, 1:52 PM EDT

Washington Post reporter Caitlin Dewey isn’t just a correspondent. She’s an activist. To the delight of other journalists, Dewey revealed online on Tuesday that she created a hectoring “Twitter-bot” to shame anyone who referred to Bruce Jenner as a “he” on Twitter during the gushy "God, I admire you" wave of Vanity Fair coverage. 

Dewey's tweeting automaton lectured anyone who referred to Bruce Jenner as a "he" -- even when Jenner insisted he was a "he" -- as in the first 65 years of his life, up until the ABC "News" special. Somehow it's "misgendering" to describe Jenner as he wanted in that time frame? 

June 2, 2015, 10:22 PM EDT

Journalists are supposed to be the most informed members of society. Nothing is supposed to get past the iron traps in their brains. So which one of these concepts sounds more like a brain cramp? Hillary is so fantastic at defending herself she shouldn't be hiding from the press; or the Obama administration is remarkably scandal-free?

These are actual concepts forwarded on television in the last few days.

June 2, 2015, 9:59 AM EDT

Washington Post media reporter Paul Farhi reported Tuesday something that TV news junkies know: “ABC News” is beginning to sound tinny. It’s more like “ABC Fun to Know.” Farhi softened it to “It’s brighter, tighter and indeed quite a bit lighter than its evening rivals.” That’s code for “dumber.” 

Farhi noted ABC has no full-time congressional correspondent for the evening news, and despite the title World News almost never leads with....world news. “During May, the broadcast led with domestic news almost every night of the week, despite a flood of developments in Syria, Iraq, Europe and elsewhere.”

June 1, 2015, 3:54 PM EDT

The Washington Post put the issue of lesbian domestic violence front and center on the front of Sunday’s sports section. Or did they? The story was on WNBA (women’s pro basketball) star Brittany Griner and her “spouse” Glory Johnson, also a WNBA player...but the violence was buried under praise for Griner's "gentle giant" character. 

This story is more than a month old...and this is the first time it made the paper edition of the Post. Pro sports star beats fiancee, then marries her. Remember when it was NFL player Ray Rice? That was a massive story. This has been remarkably close to nothing.  Last fall, NFL domestic-abuse scandals spurred 171 news stories in just six weeks on ABC, CBS, and NBC. Griner and Johnson were suspended seven games by the WNBA for this fight. Network coverage? Zero.

June 1, 2015, 11:25 AM EDT

In the latest demonstration of the complete lack of separation of activism and “cable news” at MSNBC, Al Sharpton pledged in a Friday night speech in Cleveland that he’ll be protesting the Republican convention in the streets in that Ohio city next July. 

"Jeb Bush and Scott Walker and them think they are going to come in here and have four or five days of convention," Sharpton said. "We are going to have another convention outside."

May 31, 2015, 8:45 PM EDT

The newspaper The Hill reports that the mayor of Ferguson charged on Sunday that violent protesters in his community are arriving from out of town and getting paid. It’s not what you would call “grass roots” unrest.

“They’ve been openly raising money and distributing money for some time,” James Knowles III told radio host John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” on AM 970 in New York. “The mainstream media continues mostly to ignore this fact,” he added. “It’s unbelievable what we’ve seen.”

May 31, 2015, 9:05 AM EDT

It’s a little shocking to see the back cover of this week’s People magazine (June 8). It’s an ad for “The Third Coming” (third season) of the women-in-prison drama Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. Fifteen female characters (and the one played by Charles “Laverne” Cox) are portrayed on Catholic devotional candles...despite the show’s less-than-religious tone.

May 30, 2015, 8:53 PM EDT

Bill Scher of the leftist Campaign for America's Future expressed delight in a Politico article that "Fox News Eats Its Own."

"The first Republican presidential debate will air on Fox News and will be moderated by Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace—who happen to be the same three anchors that have provoked three Republican candidates into embarrassing gaffes this month. Turns out Fox News’ anchors can make Republican candidates look just as bad as MSNBC’s." And yet it's a GOP talking-point network?

May 30, 2015, 7:45 PM EDT

On Friday, The New York Times celebrated forthcoming film festivals: "June must be movie month in New York," wrote Mekado Murphy. They were especially happy with left-wing films about "social justice."

They highlighted the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, sponsored by the left-wing lobby of the same name, and the "best bet" was a documentary on The Black Panthers: Vanguard of a Revolution.

May 30, 2015, 8:17 AM EDT

Ann Coulter has another best-selling book coming out,  provocatively titled Adios, America! The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole. One major target of Coulter barbs is our “objective” media.

Lord knows Coulter understands they deserve the hectoring. News reports are slavishly sensitive to the Latino Left’s political correctness. Start with the terminology. The factual term “illegal immigrants” is somehow an extremely mean-spirited description, even though that’s 100 percent accurate.. They claim to prefer less loaded lingo. Like “Dreamers.”

May 29, 2015, 2:17 PM EDT

The socialists at Salon.com are desperately responding to the creepy Bernie Sanders 1972 article about male and female rape fantasies. It’s satire, you haters! Katie McDonough explains“It’s an attempted critique of heteronormativity — a clumsy and weird-as-hell attempted critique of heteronormativity.”

Sanders is apparently excused for this gaffe by his record of supporting anti-rape bills, apparently unlike conservative Sanders critics, who couldn't possibly be anti-rape.

May 28, 2015, 10:50 PM EDT

Former Newsweek and New York Times writer Matt Bai has a column at Yahoo spinning furiously against anyone suggesting the Clintons are too wealthy to be in touch with those “everyday Americans.” His headline was frank: “Hillary Clinton’s not like the rest of us? Good!”

May 28, 2015, 1:36 PM EDT

Dan Joseph at our MRCTV website reports that Mother Jones dropped a little bomb on the Bernie Sanders campaign: an essay that Sanders wrote in 1972 about the “typical” rape fantasies of men and women.

Joseph made the point that if “Ted Cruz or Rick Santorum wrote something along these lines -- even 40 years ago -- the media wouldn't stop talking about it for weeks.” The proof of that assumption is the Todd Akin "legitimate rape" hullaballoo of 2012.

May 28, 2015, 10:58 AM EDT

AP reported that CEOs in the media industry earn more because the celebrities in the media industry earn more, and our Tom Blumer noted from a conservative perspective that there may valid business reasons for pay hikes.

But let’s turn it around and look at it from the Left for a minute and explore the angle of media hypocrisy. Did anyone at the networks pick up the story if liberals felt CEO pay was excessive, the media itself was Exhibit A? Nope, not at ABC, CBS, NBC, or CNN.

May 27, 2015, 7:12 AM EDT

Washington Post reporter Caitlin Dewey’s beat is the Internet. But her big piece on the front page of Wednesday’s Style section is about something broader: “Forsaking monogamy: The evolution of relationships has made affairs less clandestine and less combustive. And of course there are Web sites to help match tryst-seekers.”

This being the Post, there is no space for critics of the "evolution" of online adultery Web sites or their users. Dewey promoted the “non-monogamous dating site Open Minded,” where her married female subject, Jessie,  advertised, “I’m into building deep and loving relationships that add to the joy and aliveness of being human.” She talked her husband into “ethical non-monogamy.”