Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis. His career at the MRC began in February 1989 as associate editor of MediaWatch, the monthly newsletter of the MRC before the Internet era.

Graham is co-author with MRC president Brent Bozell of the books Collusion: How the Media Stole the 2012 Election and How To Prevent It From Happening Again in 2016 (2013) and Whitewash: What The Media Won’t Tell You About Hillary Clinton, But Conservatives Will (2007). He is also the author of the book Pattern of Deception: The Media's Role in the Clinton Presidency (1996).

Graham is a regular talk-radio and television spokesman for the MRC and has made television appearances on MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, and the Fox Business Channel. His articles have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, National Review, and other publications.

Graham left the MRC to serve in 2001and 2002 as White House Correspondent for World, a national weekly Christian news magazine. He returned in 2003. Before joining the MRC, Graham served as press secretary for the campaign of U.S. Rep. Jack Buechner (R-Mo.) in 1988, and in 1987, he served as editor of Organization Trends, a monthly newsletter on philanthropy and politics by the Washington-based Capital Research Center.

Graham is a native of Viroqua, Wisconsin and graduated from Bemidji State University in northern Minnesota. 

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March 19, 2015, 8:38 PM EDT

Sound the trumpets. The New York Times announced on March 18 that it is bringing in 20 new online-focused writers as contributors for its op-ed and Sunday Review sections. In an interview, Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal claimed “We were looking for a broad range of viewpoints and subjects and backgrounds and geographical locations and every kind of form of diversity that you can think of.”

Lower the trumpets. Bring in the fact-checker. It seems the viewpoint-diverse Times can’t seem to locate a conservative acceptable to executives prowling the halls in the snooty Times offices in midtown Manhattan.

March 19, 2015, 3:53 PM EDT

Chuck Todd appeared on a podcast called The Mike O’Meara Show on Tuesday, and made several jaw-dropping claims. When O’Meara asked about charges of liberal bias, and whether he gets blowback about the point of view of Meet the Press, he denied one: “There’s no point of view to Meet the Press.”

Then he added a slam of MSNBC: “I think advocacy journalism, sort of the Fox and what MS[NBC] primetime, those models, that hasn’t been healthy for politics.” (Daytime, where Todd used to have a show, is healthy; but primetime is poisonous.)

March 18, 2015, 2:35 PM EDT

In "The Big Story" at AP on Wednesday afternoon, Ted Bridis announced the latest news from The Most Transparent Administration In History: “The Obama administration set a new record again for more often than ever censoring government files or outright denying access to them last year under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, according to a new analysis of federal data by The Associated Press.”

Strangely, the AP headline is “US sets new record for denying, censoring government files.”

March 17, 2015, 10:38 PM EDT

On March 10, eight days after The New York Times began the scandal over her private e-mail server, Hillary Clinton assembled the press at the United Nations in New York to offer a typically legalistic and crabby press conference lasting only 21 minutes. The first-blush reaction from the pundits? That wasn’t good enough. She can’t expect the story to go away just from that mess.

But within 48 hours, that’s exactly what began to happen, with the networks suddenly finding other shiny news objects to explore. So here’s the question that needs to be asked: with the networks dumping investigators Lisa Myers and Michael Isikoff and Sharyl Attkisson, is there anyone on broadcast television interested in an investigation of Hillary’s decidedly opaque e-mail practices?

March 17, 2015, 8:59 AM EDT

Liberal arrogance about global warming led the Style section of The Washington Post on Tuesday. “Climate deniers” were singled out with the headline “BLOWING SMOKE, WITH A SMILE: Corporate baloney peddlers, especially ones who deny climate change, are the target of Robert Kenner’s latest documentary.” The online headline said it “shines light on climate-change deniers.”

Post film critic Michael O’Sullivan wrote a badly disguised editorial applauding Kenner’s thesis that denying global warming is just like denying cigarettes are bad for you. And more: he compares “deniers” to Bull Connor and his segregationist thugs.

March 16, 2015, 1:45 PM EDT

New Yorker editor David Remnick, formely a foreign correspondent for The Washington Post, is a notable figure in the Thrill Up My Leg department for Obama, but is not much of a Hillary Clinton fan right now.

In a “Talk of the Town” essay in his magazine, he expressed disgust with her 21-minute press availability at the United Nations, contrition was not in her plans. Instead, she chose a familiar course, offering explanations that were by turns petulant and pretzelled.” Her excuses for e-mails were a "transparent exploitation of gender."

March 16, 2015, 7:32 AM EDT

In Friday’s USA Today, media columnist Michael Wolff came out defending Hillary Clinton’s shifty e-mail tactics as ... “responsibly paranoid.”

Wolff barely nods to the argument of "do-gooders" and “schadenfreudeists” that perhaps when four Americans die in a terrorist attack at a badly secured consulate in Benghazi, e-mail might help figure out the mess. That’s “vastly disingenuous,” because e-mail is wildly unreliable as evidence.

March 15, 2015, 6:24 PM EDT

The New York Times isn’t the only iconic media outlet to ignore George and Laura Bush’s visit to Selma as they obsess over the Obamas. On page 12 of the March 23 edition of People magazine, in the “Star Tracks” section, there’s a whole page devoted to “THE FIRST FAMILY IN SELMA.” In chronicling the events of March 7, there was no picture and no mention of President and Mrs. Bush (or any other Republicans).

March 15, 2015, 8:41 AM EDT

Washington Post religion reporter Michelle Boorstein relayed on Saturday that Reform Judaism is revising their prayer book, and there are some doozy additions. They are the "vanguard" of American religion. The Post pulled out this shocker: "My LORD is not a shepherd and I am not his sheep, No monarch greedy for my praise is worthy of my prayers."

One Post headline was “Avant-gardism for Reform Judaism.” Another headline could be “Religion evolves into rejecting God as....important, or special.”

March 14, 2015, 7:39 PM EDT

HBO is making another liberal propaganda flick – and it’s sloppy seconds to Showtime. Lesley Goldberg of The Hollywood Reporter had the exclusive: Kerry Washington, star of ABC’s Scandal, will play Anita Hill in the movie Confirmation.

In 1998, Showtime aired a similar "fact-based" film called Strange Justice, based on the Clarence Thomas-attacking book by liberal reporters Jill Abramson (later executive editor of The New York Times) and Jane Mayer.

March 14, 2015, 3:50 PM EDT

Picking up on the same unfortunate clip NewsBusters relayed of rapper Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan on MSNBC, Fox News star Bill O'Reilly dedicated his Talking Points Memo on Thursday night to the rapper's "colossal ignorance" and the bizarre reaction of black activists to getting resignations in Ferguson.

O'Reilly said “inflammatory rhetoric can get police officers killed” and blamed the shooting on "anarchists."

March 14, 2015, 8:01 AM EDT

TV and movie producers rarely focus on Catholic priests in their plots, let alone use them as central characters, as in The Father Dowling Mysteries or Father Murphy in the 1980s. Maybe that’s a good thing, because when Catholic priests are part of the plot these days, there is an unmistakable odor of aggression -- mocking, vilifying, and disparaging not just Catholic priests, but the priesthood itself.

TV producers insist their stories “reflect reality, claiming even they’re “ripped from the headlines.” Well, there are other religious traditions that collide with human frailty. Rabbis, imams, and even Episcopalian bishops can commit sin and not fear Hollywood "ripped from the headlines" shows.

March 13, 2015, 11:33 PM EDT

Liberal journalists have come up with an unconvincing new spin on how the open letter signed by 47 Senate Republicans to the leaders of Iran is "unprecedented." It's because 47 politicians signed it. So every time Sen. Tom Cotton talked another colleague into signing on to this letter, he was multiplying the "unprecedented" argument used by Democrats and their "objective" media enablers.

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank trotted out this defense on The Steve Malzberg Show on Newsmax TV on Thursday. First, he argued like Bill Clinton that it depends on the definition of "it" where precedent is concerned.

March 13, 2015, 7:09 PM EDT

On Tuesday's All Things Considered, NPR White House correspondent Scott Horsley gave Sen. Tom Cotton just 26 words to express a conservative view: "The point we're making to Iran's leaders is that if Congress doesn't approve a deal, Congress won't accept a deal, now or in the future."

NPR was more interested in plumbing the small minority of Republicans who did not sign the open letter to Iranian leaders, and interviewed Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona. Anchor Melissa Block repeatedly pressed Flake to attack his fellow Republicans, even suggests the letter aligns 47 Republicans "with Iran's hard-liners." As if Obama isn't negotiating with Iran's hard-liners?

March 13, 2015, 2:15 PM EDT

LifeNews.com reports that pro-lifers in Ireland held a march on Wednesday night to protest the nation’s broadcast and print media bias in favor of abortion on demand. Several thousand pro-lifers turned out in Dublin outside the Irish parliament for an event they called “33 to 1: Challenging Media Bias.”

In a recent two-week period last December, the campaigners asserted that 33 pro-abortion articles appeared in Irish national newspapers but they published only one pro-life article during the same period.

March 13, 2015, 11:53 AM EDT

Liberal Washington Post movie critic Ann Hornaday is a you-had-me-at-Hello date when it comes to “climate change” documentaries. The latest is called Merchants of Doubt, comparing global-warming denial to denying cigarettes are bad for you.

"Merchants of Doubt, a documentary by Robert Kenner, takes up where the 2006 global warming tutorial An Inconvenient Truth left off," she wrote. That's actually an endorsement.

March 12, 2015, 12:23 PM EDT

Time magazine decided to tweak the most devoted Hillary Clinton fans again (remember the "provocative" high heel cover?), but this time it looks like they're playing Satanic games with the Democratic frontrunner:

Time knows very well what they're doing when the juxtapose people under their iconic M. In 2013, they posted a piece titled "33 Time Magazine Covers That Appeared To Give People Horns."

March 11, 2015, 2:39 PM EDT

It’s a NewsBusters win. On Tuesday, The Washington Post reported -- inside the Metro section on page B-3 -- that NPR and its Washington affiliate WAMU agreed with talk-show host Diane Rehm that she would stop being the star attraction at fundraising dinners for the leftist assisted-suicide lobbying group Compassion & Choices.

The Post account by Michael Rosenwald was only 524 words and carried the mild headline “Rehm scales back right-to-die efforts.” Unsurprisingly, the Post omitted the role of NewsBusters in this decision.

March 11, 2015, 9:50 AM EDT

Washington Post "fact checker" Michele Ye Hee Lee targeted Sen. Ted Cruz -- but she wasn't questioning his facts. She just didn't like they way he used the facts. It's correct to point out that there are more words in the tax code than the number of words in the Bible, but that's "utterly meaningless," she argued. It's somehow a "nonsense fact."

March 10, 2015, 10:49 PM EDT

The media have developed a predictable and equally annoying habit every presidential election cycle. We hear the Republicans are going to be crushed by pandering too much to conservatives. The Democrats are firmly moderate and need a push from the left so they don’t forget their “compassion.”

So it was with Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter 35 years ago. So will it be in 2016, no matter who is nominated