Alleged Comedian Lizz Winstead Fantasizes It Would Be 'Awesome!' to Electrocute Glenn Beck

Jack Coleman
September 3rd, 2010 6:02 PM

Give the woman credit -- liberals are seldom this candid about their impulse toward totalitarianism. Usually it takes a bit of prodding before you'll hear that voice of the guard in the gulag.

Lizz Winstead, co-founder of The Daily Show and alumna of the late, hardly lamented Air America Radio, revealed her pathological side while appearing on Ed Schultz's radio show yesterday, as described by Brian Maloney over at The Radio Equalizer --

WINSTEAD: Ed, I've always wished that somebody would invent, maybe you and I could go into business and do this, if somebody would invent, you know those shock collars that you put on the dog? (Schultz laughs) That when they bark they get jarred? If we could make one that actually fact-checked and we just put it around Glenn Beck's neck and when he spoke (pause), or just fake tears, if it could detect when tears were actually crocodile tears, and then you just get electrocuted by the water and jarred, like, that would be awesome! Force him to wear it.

"Always" wished for that, have you, Lizz?

Two words come to mind -- Nurse Ratched. Any relation?