Urban 'Dictionary' Attacking Tea Party Movement

Warner Todd Huston
April 16th, 2009 4:30 AM

I have to say, this tea party effort has the unhinged left more unhinged than usual. Here we have another example of that from a purported dictionary wiki called the "Urban Dictionary" where users can add kitsch definitions to words used on the "street." In this case the registered users posted to the pseudo dictionary some entries connecting the tax protests with a sexual perversion practiced in their circles. Apparently there is nothing by way of moderating going on at the Urban "Dictionary" site. Anything can be added whether useful or true or not.

Now, I won't give a direct link to this site because the entries added by its users are often profane. If you are that interested, go to the Urban Dictionary site and search the term "teabagger" or "teabagging," etc.and you'll get all the ignorance you desire. In fact, it couldn't be worse if you watched MSNBC all day, it's that mindnumbingly stupid.

Here is one of the less disgusting entries to give you the idea:

2. n. A conservative activist who is so ignorant that they protest against tax cuts (that benefit them) by throwing tea into a river.

The rest are generally mixed with the sexual reference.

Of course, this idiotic faux dictionary website isn't too important in the scheme of things. But it does reveal a major difference between the left and the right in America today.

As it happens, when talking to an engaged, informed, and patriotic American, when a tea party is discussed the images of Boston Harbor, taxes and American history immediately come to mind. A true American automatically thinks of the American Revolution, the birth of our nation and that proud tradition of self-reliance and rugged individualism infused into our country by its founders. The words invoke the entire panoply of America in the minds of real Americans everywhere.

Then we come to the left. Apparently, the first thing that comes to their "minds" is some arcane, disgusting sexual perversion and not American history and tradition.

And therein lies a major difference between the left and the right in America today. You see, on the right, America, its history and traditions are always at the forefront of the mind. A deep interest in the health and customs of this country are paramount. And to the left, no thought of America can be found. But sexual perversions are aplenty.

And there you have it. It's quite a telling difference. But it is a difference as real as any.

(H/T NewsBuster reader Allan F)