CNBC Asks Limbaugh About His Bipartisan Stimulus Plan

Noel Sheppard
January 29th, 2009 1:18 PM

On Thursday, NewsBusters asked, "How Will Media Cover Rush Limbaugh's Bipartisan Stimulus Plan?"

Moments later, we got our first clue as the conservative talk radio host was interviewed by CNBC's Erin Burnett and Mark Haines.

UPDATE: Better functioning video now embedded; bonus "Fox & Friends" interview video also added at end of post.

Most fascinating, Burnett, who has come across as left of center and pro-Obama, seemed much more interested in Limbaugh's views on this issue than Haines who not only has always struck me as conservative, but has also been quite hostile to Obama's economic positions as well as all the government spending since the financial crisis began last September (video embedded below the fold, full transcript available here):

Almost seemed like a good cop/bad cop interview, with Haines oddly playing the latter. In particular, Mark was intent on pinning Rush down about what he felt was hypocritical for the conservative host to be pushing bipartisanship now when no such pressure was put upon President Bush by the right to work with Democrats.

In reality, this was a false premise on Haines's part for conservatives like Limbaugh aren't interested in bipartisanship. It is, in fact, liberals and their media minions fixated on such compromise, for as Limbaugh pointed out, bipartisanship to the left means Republicans bending over backwards to assist Democrats in furthering their agenda.

The opposite never applies, for when Bush was president and Democrats blocked his initiatives -- take Social Security reform for example -- media were quite pleased by the lack of bipartisanship and defended Democrat obstruction as being principled and righteous.

With that in mind, as bipartisanship is lauded by the left, and a campaign promise by candidate Obama, it is by no means hypocritical of a conservative to now offer what liberals say they strive for.

This was clearly lost on Haines.

After the interview was completed, Burnett and Haines chatted about how it went with the former saying she found Limbaugh's ideas interesting and the latter admitting that he tried unsuccessfully to rattle his guest.

The segment ended with the two of them complimenting Rush, and Haines saying that they should have him on once a week to discuss the economy.

Is this how Limbaugh's stimulus plan will be received by other media outlets and members in the next 48 hours?

Stay tuned.

*****Update: Rush was also interviewed by "Fox & Friends" Thursday morning...