Pro-Abortion Pelosi, Kerry Plan to Take Communion at Papal Mass

Tim Graham
April 16th, 2008 12:11 PM

The "Reliable Source" gossips at the Washington Post reported Wednesday morning that not only will Speaker Nancy Pelosi attend several White House events around the papal visit, but also "Look for Pelosi and Sen. John Kerry, who plan to take Communion along with 46,000 faithful at the service." Liberals in the media won't see this as scandalous news, but traditional Catholics do.

Politicians who vote and speak out in support of abortion and homosexuality are promoting sexual sin and are dramatically opposed to Church teaching. The American Life League made a newspaper ad asking Pope Benedict to deny Communion to 21 of the "most egregious offenders" on abortion, including Pelosi and Kerry on their list.

Several American bishops have been presented as "controversial" by the media for proclaiming in 2004 that John Kerry would be refused Communion if he came to receive it in their churches. The TV networks warned of a backlash against the church from people who thought Kerry was being "bullied" by bishops. He was a "devout Catholic," they proclaimed, despite his advocacy of libertine-left positions.

Then there's Speaker Pelosi, who proclaimed last year to that an ad for a San Francisco leather festival mocking a painting of Christ's Last Supper with sex toys and fetish gear wasn't anti-religious: "I do not believe that Christianity has been harmed by the Folsom Street Fair advertising." But she came into office being hailed by the media as a "devout Catholic" as well.