House Democrats to Offer Resolution Condemning Rush Limbaugh

Noel Sheppard
September 30th, 2007 5:14 PM

The smear campaign against conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh will take a dramatic turn Monday if Greg Sargent of TPM Election Central is correct.

According to a blog posting by Sargent Friday evening, "Rep. Mark Udall (D-CO) will be introducing a resolution in the House of Representatives on Monday condemning Rush Limbaugh for his ‘phony soldiers' remark."

Unfortunately, no major media outlets are reporting this. However, Limbaugh has posted an alert at his website concerning the matter: "House Democrats Prepare to Introduce Resolution Castigating Rush Limbaugh on House Floor Monday."

The TPM piece continued (emphasis added):

Sources tell us that there's a lot of interest in this resolution among rank and file Dem House members, and that it may come up for a vote soon. There's no guarantee by any means that this will end up happening, though it's likely that there will be some pressure on the leadership make it happen. Udall, whose office confirmed to me that he'd introduce the reso on Monday, has powerful incentive to drum up attention for it as a Senate candidate in Colorado.

Sargent also posted a "dear colleague" letter supposedly from Udall's office that was leaked to TPM:

September 28, 2007





Dear Colleague:

On September 26, 2007 the broadcaster Rush Limbaugh told a nationwide radio audience that members of the Armed Forces who have expressed disagreement with current policies of the United States regarding military activities in Iraq are "phony soldiers."

On Monday I will introduce a resolution honoring all Americans serving in the Armed Forces and condemning this unwarranted attack on the integrity and professionalism of those in the Armed Forces who choose to exercise their constitutional right to express their opinions regarding U.S. military action in Iraq.

For more information or to cosponsor the resolution, please contact XXXXXXX in my office at xxxxx.


Mark Udall

Stay tuned.

Post facto opinion:

Conservatives should hope this resolution is offered by the Democrats, for it would give us a tremendous opportunity to expose the Clinton/Soros/Media Matters/Center for American Progress apparatus. This is especially opportunistic for the press will be all over this debate on the House floor like white on rice given the man in the middle.

Just imagine the theatrical potential of Republican after Republican citing the specifics of how this smear campaign occurred, while entering into the Congressional record the actual tapes of the broadcast in question, as well as the verbatim transcript.

Then, GOP members could offer, again for the record, the various news reports by the major media outlets demonstrating exactly how their information came from Media Matters, and that the press representatives involved clearly ignored all journalistic principles by just accepting this organization's word regarding what Limbaugh said.

Once that evidence was presented, House Republicans could enter into the record all of the information concerning Media Matters, including its benefactors, its connections to various political leaders, and its tax exempt status.

Next, said Republicans could point out that Congress just last year passed the Stolen Valor Act to address a number of abuses of so-called "phony soldiers."

Maybe even more delicious, the person who introduced this legislation in 2005 is a member of Udall's Colorado delegation, Democrat Rep. John T. Salazar.

Wouldn't that be a marvelous debate to be in attendance for?

As such, please Rep. Udall, do all right-thinking people in America a favor, and offer this resolution tomorrow. Even though your Party will end up looking quite foolish, you'd never the less be doing your country a tremendous service unlike the phony soldier Rush was really talking about.