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By Mark Finkelstein | September 18, 2015 | 9:35 PM EDT

Maybe next week, Chris Hayes will share his views on Area 51, whether fire can melt steel, and if the moon landing happened in a Hollywood studio . . .

On his MSNBC show this evening, Hayes floated the notion that the guy at a New Hampshire town hall who told Donald Trump that President Obama is a Muslim might have been a plant. According to Chris, although the moment seemed to have happened "organically"  [yes, but was it free range?], "who knows?" Proclaimed Chris: "until they find the guy I'm going to reserve judgment on the origins of the question."

By Clay Waters | September 18, 2015 | 7:39 PM EDT

Even after undercover tapes showed Planned Parenthood engaging in morally reprehensible and legally questionable practices with aborted babies, the New York Times is still using abortion as a wedge issue to use against "hard-right" Republicans, demonstrated by hostile, label-heavy stories in Friday's edition, including two on the front page. Elsewhere there was the usual defense of Planned Parenthood, which after all "provides an array of other women’s health services" besides abortion.

By Curtis Houck | September 18, 2015 | 6:28 PM EDT

On Friday afternoon, National Organization for Women (NOW) President Terry O’Neill took to the airwaves of MSNBC Live and instead of praising Carly Fiorina’s debate performance or her response to Donald Trump’s comments about her looks, O’Neill callously tore into Fiorina’s opposition to Planned Parenthood and declared that she “supports policies that kill women.”

By Ken Shepherd | September 18, 2015 | 4:14 PM EDT

A federal appeals panel today ruled parts of a Washington, D.C. gun-regulation bill to be unconstitutional. One of the judges in the majority, Patricia Millett, is an Obama appointee who once clerked for a judge in the infamously left-leaning Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Yet that angle of the story was curiously absent from Washington Post reporter Spencer Hsu's coverage of the ruling, even as he noted it was a George W. Bush appointee who dissented from ruling.

By Katie Yoder | September 18, 2015 | 3:37 PM EDT

It was one of the more depressingly ironic exchanges of the 2016 race so far: George Stephanopoulos, whose network refuses to play even one second of the Planned Parenthood videos, interrogating Carly Fiorina about what she said she saw watching them.

By Kyle Drennen | September 18, 2015 | 3:27 PM EDT

On Friday’s NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie proclaimed: “Hillary Clinton hitting back at another Republican candidate, Carly Fiorina. She went after Clinton several times during the debate.” In the report that followed, correspondent Andrea Mitchell noted how Fiorina “lit up the debate stage by partly targeting Hillary Clinton, the most famous woman in American politics.”

By Kristine Marsh | September 18, 2015 | 3:14 PM EDT

Forget Ashley Madison; if you’re a scumbag looking for someone to validate your cheating behavior, look no further than The Huffington Post.

Sex therapists Dr. Danielle Harel and Celeste Hirschman make the case for openly cheating in relationships calling it hilariously, “honest outsourcing,” in their article for HuffPo, Sept. 16, “Non-Monogamy Realness: The Pros and Cons of Honest Outsourcing.”

By Ken Shepherd | September 18, 2015 | 3:06 PM EDT

Last night on Hardball, MSNBC host Chris Matthews insisted, "I'm not a hater" even though there are "a couple that really get to me though," such as Dick Cheney.


By Erin Aitcheson | September 18, 2015 | 2:59 PM EDT

On Wednesday, the 19th season of the infamously politically incorrect South Park premiered its first episode going after politically correct, social justice extremists.

The title, appropriately named, “Stunning and Brave,” a reference to Bruce Jenner receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award for coming out as transgender. Almost every character gives an unenthusiastic, rote spiel about how admirable Caitlyn Jenner is. But Jenner isn’t so much the target of the episode but as an incentive for the elementary school to be a “more progressive place that fits in with today’s times.”

By Julia A. Seymour | September 18, 2015 | 1:20 PM EDT

The healthy living editor for The Huffington Post reacted to the CNN GOP debate by criticizing Donald Trump and others for “peddling dangerous and bad ideas about health,” because of their remarks about vaccinations.

Criticism of “anti-vaccination” stances is rich coming from Huffington Post, which has repeatedly been a platform for anti-vaxxer opinions including actor Jim Carrey’s. In 2009, Carrey insisted that there was still uncertainty about the safety of vaccinations. Over the years, others also stoked fear about vaccination safety including David Kirby, Dr. Bob Sears and comedian Bill Maher.

By Katie Yoder | September 18, 2015 | 1:18 PM EDT

National news outlets bowed down to Vox writer Sarah Kliff as an authority on the Planned Parenthood videos because she has watched “all 12 hours.” The problem is, there are really “all 17 hours” of them.

Following Carly Fiorina’s description of the Planned Parenthood videos during Wednesday’s debate, Sarah Kliff wrote for Vox, “Carly Fiorina is wrong about the Planned Parenthood tapes. I know because I watched them.” Her Sept. 17 article spurred a national discussion resulting in conservative journalists rushing to defend Fiorina against the writer who watched “all 12 hours” of the videos. But here’s the thing: she didn’t.

By Matthew Balan | September 18, 2015 | 1:07 PM EDT

CNN's Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo pressed former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer on Friday's New Day over his current refusal to endorse Hillary Clinton or any candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. When Schweitzer pointed out that "Hillary Clinton has been in our living room, on our television now for the last 20 years," Camerota interjected, "But isn't that a good thing? Isn't that a sign of experience?"

By Scott Whitlock | September 18, 2015 | 12:24 PM EDT

All three networks on Friday slammed Donald Trump for not denouncing a campaign supporter's “hateful rhetoric.” ABC, NBC and CBS also promoted Hillary Clinton “pouncing” and “hammering” Trump. Yet, on August 28, when Clinton blasted GOP candidates for wanting to put illegal immigrants in “boxcars,” a reference many thought to the Holocaust, the same networks did not attack the Democrat as hateful or call for condemnation. 

By Curtis Houck | September 18, 2015 | 11:55 AM EDT

In a near 180-degree reversal to his interview the previous evening with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Democratic presidential candidate and socialist Bernie Sanders found himself on Friday’s CBS This Morning being repeatedly slammed from the right by co-host Norah O’Donnell on his far-left tax plans and hope for a universal health care system. 

By Matt Philbin | September 18, 2015 | 11:14 AM EDT

ESPN’s Jemele Hill and Michael Smith used a significant portion of their program “His & Hers” on Thursday to further solidify the fact that the only viewpoint supported by ESPN is one that supports the radical activism of the Black Lives Matter movement.