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By Katie Yoder | December 3, 2014 | 2:19 PM EST

Talk about a double-standard. In a new move, the media – abortion’s biggest fans – are supporting pregnancy in the name of “basic decency.”

The U.S. Supreme Court heard Young v. United Parcel Service (UPS) arguments on Dec. 3. For the case, former UPS employee Peggy Young argued her company violated the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act by refusing her lighter duties while pregnant. Although UPS has since changed its policy, Young lost her job. In response, the media bashed UPS as a throwback to the “’Mad Men’ era” and called for “healthy pregnancies,” while organizations like NARAL Pro-Choice America hosted protests.

By Tom Blumer | December 3, 2014 | 1:36 PM EST

New York Post columnist, legitimate constitutional scholar and health policy expert Betsy McCaughey broke news about the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, in her Tuesday evening column. The Post should send the Associated Press, the New York Times and other establishment press outlets which have yet to report what she found the bill for her work.

In the midst of the Obama administration's pre-Thanksgiving 3,415 regulations dump, McCaughey found several significant Obamacare-related items, most of which in quainter times would have been considered illegal and unconstitutional overreaches:

By Jeffrey Meyer | December 3, 2014 | 12:37 PM EST

Over the past several days, Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough has railed against those in the media and in public office who have distorted the facts in the shooting death of Michael Brown to push their own agenda. On Wednesday morning Scarborough took his criticism to new levels. During a discussion about police tactics throughout the country, Scarborough argued that a “cop is not out on the street going you know what I'm going today, I'm going to move our society forward...It is not to make a statement that makes primetime people on MSNBC feel better about America.”

By Kristine Marsh | December 3, 2014 | 12:32 PM EST

On December 2, Jon Stewart brought on "The Daily Show" “Senior Black Correspondent" Larry Wilmore to bash conservatives for calling out the more deadly epidemic of black on black crime in light of the Ferguson protests. Wilmore is about to take over the "Colbert Report" spot at 11:30 pm after Jon Stewart with "The Nightly Show."

By Kyle Drennen | December 3, 2014 | 11:36 AM EST

Appearing on Tuesday's Tonight Show, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams joined host Jimmy Fallon in "slow-jamming the news" about President Obama's executive order granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. The comedy skit made sure to include the media's liberal spin on the topic – that obstructionist Republicans were just preventing Obama from getting things done in Washington.

By Kristine Marsh | December 3, 2014 | 11:25 AM EST

When it comes to social issues, you can always expect Jon Stewart, who the left loves to call a “moderate,” to toe the liberal party line. On Tuesday night’s “Daily Show,” Stewart spoke about the NFL’s St. Louis Rams players coming onto the field before the Sunday game with their hands raised in the Ferguson protesters’ gesture of “Hands up, don’t shoot.” To Stewart, the gesture was a “rare instance of social awareness” and “solidarity.”

By Scott Whitlock | December 3, 2014 | 11:21 AM EST

The same networks that hyped a Republican staffer's comments about Barack Obama's daughters are now ignoring the sexual assault conviction of a Democratic congressional aide. According to the Washington Post, Donny Ray Williams "pleaded guilty to third-degree sexual abuse, two misdemeanor counts of sexual abuse and one count of misdemeanor threats." 

By Julia A. Seymour | December 3, 2014 | 11:02 AM EST

The Atlantic hurricane season has ended on Nov. 30, and once again it went out with a whimper. That was good news for coastal residents in the U.S., since the “weak” 2014 hurricane season continued the nine year “drought” of major hurricanes making landfall.

But the broadcast networks practically ignored the "good news."

By Matthew Philbin | December 3, 2014 | 10:03 AM EST

They're fixated on Ferguson, but massive violence in the Windy City doesn’t fit Nets' liberal narrative.

By Jeffrey Meyer | December 3, 2014 | 9:43 AM EST

On Tuesday afternoon, Jonathan Karl, ABC News Chief White House Correspondent, confronted White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest over President Obama’s appointment of Colleen Bell, a major Obama donor and producer of the soap opera The Bold And The Beautiful, to be the ambassador to Hungary. Despite the controversy surrounding the appointment, ABC has yet to cover Karl’s questioning on television, but CBS This Morning found the news worth reporting and gave the story more than a minute of coverage during its Wednesday morning broadcast. 

By Tim Graham | December 3, 2014 | 8:46 AM EST

Insult the Obama daughters, and you are a nationally infamous political figure. Rape some women? Well, if you’re a Democrat, that’s a yawner of a story by comparison.

Call it a tale of two Hill staffers. While The Washington Post put Republican aide Elizabeth Lauten’s resignation over Facebook comments on page 1 on Tuesday with an 1,161-word report, a Wednesday story on a former Democratic congressional aide pleading guilty to sexual assault ended up on the far-right edge of page A-5 and was just 281 words long.

By Geoff Harbaugh | December 3, 2014 | 8:00 AM EST

“It’s disingenuous for too many people with hidden agendas, especially lawyers, and people who love racial BS to go on, to act like white cops are out there killing black folks.”

By Melissa Mullins | December 3, 2014 | 7:38 AM EST

Former NBA great Charles Barkley is making headlines again with some recent negative comments he made about the Ferguson rioters and the media coverage of them.

When Barkley’s comments were brought up on Fox News Channel’s The Five, former Democratic campaign manager Bob Beckel criticized Barkley’s commentary almost calling it self-serving: “He has not seen a poor neighborhood in 20 years, number one,” Beckel said.

By Curtis Houck | December 3, 2014 | 1:22 AM EST

On Monday, ABC News chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl grilled White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on what exactly did Obama campaign donor and former soap opera producer Colleen Bell have in terms of qualifications for becoming the U.S. Ambassador to Hungary.

When it came to ABC’s World News Tonight with David Muir mentioning or playing video of that exchange on Monday evening, the program stayed silent. Instead, video of Karl’s exchange was relegated to ABC News’s website.

By Curtis Houck | December 2, 2014 | 11:07 PM EST

On the same evening that MSNBC’s Hardball seemed rather excited about a possible run for President in 2016 by Republican and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, NBC Nightly News was busy doing the same thing during on a news brief on Tuesday.

Anchor Brian Williams opined that Bush was “the latest in the Republican Party to speak truth to power or at least try to” during an event sponsored by The Wall Street Journal on Monday evening.