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By P.J. Gladnick | April 9, 2015 | 10:40 AM EDT

Remember when the networks were hyping the fact that Rand Paul and Chris Cristie were sympathetic towards parents skeptical about vaccines for their children in February while ignoring similar statements in the past by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama? Well, a well known figure from a prominent Democrat political family has gone off the deep end as far as paranoia about vaccines yet silence from the major networks except for Fox News. The person in question is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who went so far as to condemn vaccines as being a "holocaust" as the California legislature takes up the matter of whether to ban vaccine exemptions.

By Joseph Rossell | April 9, 2015 | 10:09 AM EDT

Surprise! Millions of uninsured Americans could owe Uncle Sam extra this tax season because of Obamacare. The IRS began penalizing tax filers this year if they failed to purchase insurance in 2014. Obamacare, formally known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), included an insurance mandate.

Americans must buy qualified health insurance or face the larger of two tax penalty options when they file their 2014 taxes: $95 per adult and $47.50 per child up to $285 per family, or 1 percent of income up to $9,800, according to Kaiser Health News. These penalties are also scheduled to increase dramatically in the following years.

By Tim Graham | April 9, 2015 | 7:43 AM EDT

It  looks like the folks at Gawker Media might want to look into beefing up their private security. Over at Gawker's Deadspin sports blog, they actually posted a piece titled "The Police Are America's Terrorists."

Greg Howard is obviously in a highly emotional state over the unprofessional police shooting of Walter Scott in South Carolina. He’s so emotional that he thinks that white people have always killed black and brown people, and it's never happened in reverse, or black-on-black.

By Bryan Ballas | April 9, 2015 | 6:57 AM EDT

Much like playground bullies, it does not take long for the liberal media to poke fun at the family members of candidates they don’t like  – Republican candidates. The father-bashing began in earnest on Tuesday afternoon shortly after Rand Paul’s campaign announcement when MSNBC’s Live With Thomas Roberts decided to headline a segment of the fathers of Republican candidates with the phrase  “GOP Contenders with Father Issues?”
Having set a tone nowhere close to objectivity, Roberts jabbed Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, asking how Ted Cruz will “break his father's shadow or potential hindrance of saying something and really getting caught with having to explain it away.”

Roberts added, “I think reporters will -- if he doesn't show up on the campaign trail, they’re happy to go find Rafael Cruz, and take the cameras and microphones to him.”

By Curtis Houck | April 8, 2015 | 11:46 PM EDT

On Wednesday night, the “big three” of ABC, CBS, and NBC declined to cover the latest in the legal battle over President Obama’s executive action on illegal immigration as U.S. District Judge denied the Obama administration’s request for an injunction that would have allowed his plan to go forward. Announced late Tuesday night, U.S. District Judge Hanen blasted the request and declared that the President’s decision to not enforce “laws requiring removal of illegal immigrants that conflict with the 2014 DHS directive” to enact amnesty only further cemented his ruling.

By Melissa Mullins | April 8, 2015 | 10:58 PM EDT

Lauren Ashburn, a regular guest on MediaBuzz on the Fox News Channel, wrote an article for Mediaite on how the “mainstream” media doesn’t really want to engage the country in a discussion about "gruesome abortion stories."

“Yet contrast abortion coverage with the endless hours and words devoted to batting down Indiana’s religious freedom law,” she wrote. “Conservatives got plenty of air. Why is it that the media will make a fuss about marriage equality, but issues related to abortion are now a no-go?”

By Curtis Houck | April 8, 2015 | 9:00 PM EDT

Wednesday’s edition of the CBS Evening News chose to re-air portions of chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook’s interview with President Obama on climate change supposedly threatening public health and included LaPook fretting at the end to anchor Scott Pelley that “climate change legislation has stalled in Congress.” The network’s cheerleading of Obama’s newest environmental initiative began right at the top of the newscast as Pelley teased the segment to viewers: “The President speaks with us about how climate change is making people sick.”

By Ken Shepherd | April 8, 2015 | 8:25 PM EDT

Appearing on the Wednesday edition of Hardball, House Assistant Minority Leader Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) essentially blamed the conservative-leaning American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) for the, apparently unjustified shooting of South Carolina man Walter Scott by North Charleston police officer Michael Slager. For his part, host Chris Matthews failed to object to out-of-far-left-field charge and, what's more, praised his guest as someone for whom he has "a lot of respect."

By Matthew Balan | April 8, 2015 | 6:21 PM EDT

Newly-declared 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul took a shot at the media during a Wednesday campaign appearance in Milford, New Hampshire. An unidentified reporter asked the Kentucky senator about a recent interview he did with the Associated Press that centered on the controversial issue of abortion. Paul replied, "Why don't we ask the DNC: Is it OK to kill a 7-pound baby in the uterus?"

By Scott Whitlock | April 8, 2015 | 5:06 PM EDT

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos on Tuesday grilled Harry Reid about his completely unfounded rumor-mongering that then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney failed to pay taxes. On his weekly prime time show on Fusion, America With Jorge Ramos, the Spanish and English language host demanded six times that Reid answer for his attack. Ramos pushed: "You said on the Senate floor that Mitt Romney had not paid taxes in ten years... But there was no evidence of that. Did you purposely lie?" 

By Kristine Marsh | April 8, 2015 | 4:07 PM EDT

The University of Michigan has dropped a campus showing of “American Sniper” after Muslim students complained the film made them feel "uncomfortable."

U of M is roughly 40 miles away from Dearborn, a city which is famous for having one of the largest Muslim populations in the U.S. But U of M is also a university, where once upon a time young people went to have their assumptions challenged, their horizons broadened – which just might leave one feeling "uncomfortable."

By Jeffrey Meyer | April 8, 2015 | 3:39 PM EDT

After Senator Rand Paul engaged in a heated interview with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie on Wednesday's Today, Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd repeatedly scolded the Republican presidential candidate over his conduct with their colleague.  

By Matthew Balan | April 8, 2015 | 3:29 PM EDT

As the Big Three networks were touting President Obama's claim that climate change affects the health of children – including that of his own daughter – on Wednesday, their morning and evening newscasts have yet to report on the politician's criticism of many Christians during a Tuesday prayer breakfast. Mr. Obama underlined that "on Easter, I do reflect on the fact that as a Christian, I am supposed to love. And I have to say that sometimes, when I listen to less-than-loving expressions by Christians, I get concerned."

By Tom Johnson | April 8, 2015 | 3:08 PM EDT

When it comes to false media narratives, the typical right-winger should be more concerned with the plank in his own eye than with the speck in the eye of a liberal. That, minus the allusion to the Sermon on the Mount, was the essential argument from Heather Digby Parton in a Wednesday column.

Parton sees Rolling Stone’s debunked, retracted University of Virginia rape story as one component of the right’s “new meme about liberal lies and false narratives.” This meme, she suggested, is wildly overblown (for example, even though “hands up, don’t shoot” was discredited, “young black males being unfairly targeted by police” still is a major problem) as well as hypocritical (e.g., Fox News has “peddle[d] false narratives” about matters such as the Benghazi attack and made a ton of money doing so).

By Joseph Rossell | April 8, 2015 | 2:56 PM EDT

Opposing new FCC “net neutrality” mandates is suspicious, according to Politico. The politics insider site recently cast suspicion on a conservative group over emails asking legislators to oppose the FCC’s new Internet regulations.

As part of American Commitment’s campaign opposing net neutrality regulations the limited-government, free-market group helped hundreds of thousands of people send emails to their congressmen requesting they oppose the FCC’s Internet takeover.