Couric Finds McCain's "No Confidence" in Rummy "So Refreshing"

<p><img hspace="0" src="media/2005-11-07-Today.jpg" align="right" border="0" />When's the last time you remember a broadcast network adopting a politician's self-aggrandizing label as its own description of him?</p><p>Yet that's exactly what NBC did on this morning's Today show.  Remember how during the 2000 primaries John McCain traveled around the country on his &quot;Straight Talk Express&quot; bus, beguiling reporters?  </p><p>As Katie Couric interviewed McCain this morning, what legend appears at the bottom of the screen?  The utterly uncritical:</p><p>&quot;Straight Talk: How Can US Secure Iraq?&quot;</p><p>You can't pay for advertising like that!</p><p>Katie threw a couple more bouquets John's way.</p><p>Asked why he had said that he had &quot;no confidence&quot; in Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, McCain explained that a reporter &quot;asked me a direct question and I gave him a direct answer.&quot;</p><p>Gushed Katie: that is &quot;so refreshing.&quot;</p><p>Hard to imagine Couric would have been similarly 'refreshed' if, say, during the impeachment hearings a Clinton administration official had said he had &quot;no confidence&quot; in Bill Clinton.</p><p>Katie ended the interview by flacking for McCain's new book, &quot;Character is Destiny&quot; [and how's that for a self-serving title, by the way?].</p><p>Couric enthused that it is &quot;a terrific book for people of all ages.&quot;  Gee, Katie, will it provide many hours of enjoyable reading, too?</p><p>Once again Today proves the adage that to be accorded respectful MSM treatment, all a Republican has to do is take shots at the Bush administration.</p>

Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.