On Day of Hope for White House, Today Show Sees "Nightmare" Scenario

<!--StartFragment --><img vspace="3" hspace="3" border="0" align="right" src="/media/2005-10-28-NBCToday.jpg" />Let's look at the facts: <ul><li>The Miers withdrawal was greeted with widespread approval; </li><li>Conservatives are already beginning to rally around the president, awaiting what they optimistically expect to be a good replacement nominee.</li><li>If you believe the NY Times, Karl Rove has dodged the indictment bullet, at least for the time being.</li></ul><p>So if you were writing the opening graphic for this morning's Today show, what would it have been? </p><p>&quot;White House Breathes Sigh of Relief&quot;? </p><p>Or perhaps &quot;White House on Road to Recovery&quot;?</p><p>Silly you! We're talking about the Today show here! They went with &quot;White House Nightmare.&quot;</p><p>Tim Russert, interviewed by Katie, was fully into Today's zeitgeist, painting everything in the worst possible light for the Bush administration.</p><p>Couric: &quot;If [Scooter Libby] resigns, how big a deal will this be for the White House?</p><p>Russert: &quot;It's huge, Katie. It cuts to the core of what government is about. This will be about the issue of national security.&quot;</p><p>Couric: &quot;Will there be fall-out for VP Cheney since Scooter Libby is his Chief-of-Staff?&quot;</p><p>Russert: &quot;Very significant [fallout], I believe, Katie.&quot;</p><p>Russert added something which, for once, was surely true: &quot;If the case goes to trial, look for an awful lot of people seeing it as a way to put the war in Iraq on trial.&quot;</p><p>Katie shed some crocodile tears: &quot;Well, the drip, drip, drip this is creating for the White Houe cannot be helpful.&quot;</p><p>Concurred Russert readily: &quot;Not at all.&quot;</p><p /><p><em>Finkelstein has degrees from Cornell, </em><em>SUNY Buffalo and Harvard. He lives in Ithaca, NY where he hosts &quot;Right Angle,&quot; a local political talk TV show. </em><i>He is currently seeking a publisher for his anti-terrorism thriller, &quot;Albergue Olimpico.&quot;</i> </p><p /><p><i><img hspace="0" border="0" src="http://www.geocities.com/cjstender/picts/mark.jpg" /></i></p><!--
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Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.