Kristol Palace . . . Revolt: Bill Calls for Miers to Step Aside

<p>Can you recall the last time the Today show invited a major conservative commentator on to opine on the issues of the day? Neither can I.</p><p>But there was Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol this morning, under Today's 'hopeful' graphic &quot;Is Bush Losing His Base?&quot;, being treated deferentially by David Gregory. </p><p>Why? It's the old MSM maxim: conservatives are only welcome when they're willing to take shots at fellow conservatives/Republicans. We saw the same phenomenon in play earlier this week as Katie Couric gave respectful treatement to Rush Limbaugh, playing a clip in which he described the Miers appointment as having been made &quot;in weakness.&quot;</p><p>Kristol began by observing that some recent White House political errors can be attributed to the fact that Karl Rove has been &quot;distracted&quot; in recent weeks by his multiple grand jury appearances.</p><p>Gregory then moved to the meat of the interview, the Miers nomination. It was striking that Gregory amicably addressed Kristol as &quot;Bill.&quot; I guess first names are in order when, even if for different reasons, &quot;Bill&quot; and &quot;David&quot; are on the same side: attacking the Bush administration.</p><p>Gregory: &quot;You have suggested she should and even might even step aside. Why?&quot;</p><p>Kristol: &quot;I think she should consider it. I think her nomination is a mistake. She doesn't have the intellectual distinction or the track record to really justify putting her on the Supreme Court. I think she should consider withdrawing her name, going to the President and saying 'thank you for the honor but I can serve you as WH counsel and there are plenty of other qualified people to go to the Supreme Court.'&quot; </p><p>Added Kristol: &quot; I think she's going to have to think about this.&quot;</p><p>Gregory: &quot;Are you not open to charge among other conservatives that you're being overly sensitive here? The President has a pretty good record of conservative nominiees to the district court, the appellate court and with Roberts to the Supreme Court. When he says 'trust me on this, I know her heart,' why don't you?&quot;</p><p>Kristol: &quot;Because you don't judge with your heart, David, and his record is a good record because he nominated people with proven records. It's not a good record because we all trusted George W. Bush, with all due respect. He's a good president but he's not a great constitutional scholar.&quot;</p><p>Gregory then tried to lure Kristol into even more inflammatory rhetoric: &quot;Is this a betrayal [of conservatives] by this President who calls himself a conservative?&quot; </p><p>&quot;Who calls himself a conservative&quot;?? Wait, isn't this the same president whom the MSM routinely portray as a frightening arch-conservative, motivated by his fundamentalist religious views and controlled by a neo-con cabal? Yet when it suits the liberal media for purposes of accusing W of betrayal, suddenly his conservative credentials are brought into question.</p><p>Kristol wouldn't fall into Gregory's &quot;betrayal&quot; trap, classifying the appointment merely as &quot;a mistake,&quot; that can be &quot;rectified by Ms. Miers deciding that it might be for the good of her president to step aside.&quot;</p><p>Kristol concluded by opining that if the vote were today, Miers would be confirmed, but added that the vote isn't today and &quot;she's got tough hearings to go through and I don't think it's a sure thing.&quot; </p><p>If only Today and its MSM confreres would occasionally invite conservatives on to comment on the trials and tribulations of liberal politicians!</p><p>&lt;&gt;<br /><i>Finkelstein has degrees from Cornell University and Harvard Law<br />School.He lives in Ithaca, NY where he hosts &quot;Right Angle,&quot; a local<br />political talk show. Finkelstein specializes in exposing liberal bias<br />at NBC's Today</i><i> Show.</i></p><p><i><img hspace="0" border="0" src="" /></i></p>

Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.