Today's Solution for Bush "Callousness" on Katrina? Appoint Moderate "or Even Minority" to Supreme Court

<p>Yom Kippur is still a month off, but for the Today show and Tim Russert, the Day of Atonement has already arrived for President Bush.</p><p>And just how might W make amends for his perceived &quot;callousness&quot; on Katrina? Why, by appointing a moderate &quot;or even a minority&quot; to the Supreme Court.</p><p>Matt Lauer interviewed Russert this morning beneath the on-screen legend &quot;Bush on the Hot Seat.&quot;</p><p>Lauer mused that when it came to W's handling of Katrina, this could be a case of &quot;you never get a second chance to make a first impression.&quot;</p><p>Replied Russert: &quot;there was a perception created of incompetence, some even said callousness and he needs to replace it with compassion.&quot;</p><p>Just where that perception of &quot;callousness&quot; was created, other than in the fever swamps of the left, Russert never told us.</p><p>But not to worry, Tim has a cure for callousness. Of course he didn't offer it as his own. No, it comes from Republican &quot;moderates,&quot; whoever they are, who supposedly are clamoring that:</p><p>&quot;In light of what happened in New Orleans we have to have a more moderate, perhaps even a minority face, on the Supreme Court.&quot;</p><p>But darn, wouldn't you know it, Russert informed us that those &quot;hard-line conservatives&quot; are saying &quot;no, no.&quot; Just as an aside, I wonder when's the last time Russert ever spoke of &quot;hard-line liberals&quot;? </p><p>Anyhow, who are these &quot;moderate&quot; Republicans? Lincoln Chaffee and his chauffeur? Russert didn't tell us.</p><p>Consider also the racial stereotyping implicit in Russert's remark that W should contemplate appointing a &quot;more moderate, perhaps even a minority face&quot; to the Supreme Court. </p><p>Does a president appoint a 'face' or a person? But beyond that, Russert's clear implication was that a &quot;minority face&quot; would be even more moderate than a moderate. </p><p>Hey Tim, meet Clarence Thomas.</p><p><i>Finkelstein has degrees from Cornell University and Harvard Law<br />School.He lives in Ithaca, NY where he hosts &quot;Right Angle,&quot; a local<br />political talk show. Finkelstein specializes in exposing liberal bias<br />at NBC's Today</i><i> Show.</i></p><div class="node"><div class="entry"><p><i><img hspace="0" src="" border="0" /></i></p></div></div><p /><p />

Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.