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By Tim Graham | | September 15, 2016 | 5:33 PM EDT

Here’s another proof that The Washington Post is a Democratic rag. On July 22, It editorialized with the highest dudgeon that Donald Trump was “uniquely unqualified – even a “peril” to democracy -- because he was “mounting a campaign of snarl and sneer, not substance....Mr. Trump’s politics of denigration and division could strain the bonds that have held a diverse nation together.”

On September 15, Ben Terris of the Post hopped in a car with snarling, sneering Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for a Style section profile exploring his “sentimental journey” on his way to retirement. They left out Reid’s latest video describing Trump as a “spoiled brat” and a “human leech who will bleed the country.”

By Curtis Houck | | September 15, 2016 | 5:07 PM EDT

We at NewsBusters have chronicled some head-scratching promos in the last year by MSNBC but the most asinine and fawning one began airing recently featuring Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton telling MSNBC host/NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell at a press conference that she loves her and resembles “my kind of woman” who’s “indefatigble...I’ll tell you what.”

By Kyle Drennen | | September 15, 2016 | 4:30 PM EDT

Appearing on Thrusday’s NBC Today, sports columnist Mike Lupica actually criticized the ongoing protests in the NFL against the National Anthem inspired by 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Despite most of the media cheering the disrespectful display, Lupica downplayed the impact: “I don't think it's become a wave, a thing that's sweeping the country. But it’s also not the Freedom Marches, okay?”

By Tim Graham | | September 15, 2016 | 2:53 PM EDT

Check out this David Rutz video at the Washington Free Beacon that underlines how Hillary's spokesmen and media spinners both adopted the positive-sounding lingo that Hillary Clinton bravely tried to "power through" her pneumonia (while she failed to tell the truth about it). Over and over again, viewers heard this notion of Hillary's courageous battle with germs:

By Curtis Houck | | September 15, 2016 | 2:44 PM EDT

One of the more interesting and fulfilling debates concerning media bias took place on Wednesday night’s Charlie Rose on PBS as fill-in host Andrew Ross Sorkin moderated a discussion between CNN’s Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter and Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro with the latter firmly denouncing the inability for the media to fact-check Hillary Clinton and questions that the media doesn’t have a liberal bias.

By Clay Waters | | September 15, 2016 | 2:21 PM EDT

New York Times Jennifer Steinhauer’s “Congressional Memo” was the lead National section story in Wednesday’s edition, dripping with her trademark sneering condescension toward conservatives in Congress for not caving in to the Democrats on their issues: “A G.O.P. Fear In the House: Cooperation After Nov. 8." She wrote: "A big conspiracy theory in Washington these days, perhaps second only to the one concerning Hillary Clinton’s supposed body double, is the fear among some House Republicans of what President Obama and their party leaders might cook up during a lame-duck session of Congress after Election Day."

By Kyle Drennen | | September 15, 2016 | 2:17 PM EDT

On Thursday’s NBC Today, co-hosts Savannah Guthrie and Willie Geist interrogated Dr. Mehmet Oz about his interview with Donald Trump for his daytime talk show. Guthrie began by questioning the health records provided by the Republican nominee on the program: “Seems like it was a genuine surprise, him handing you this piece of paper with medical results. Didn't give you a big chance to really look at it beforehand....could you tell just by looking right then and there whether it was legit and comprehensive?”

By Callista Ring | | September 15, 2016 | 2:03 PM EDT

Liberals have ceased fighting against the slippery slope argument regarding legalizing gay marriage. Instead, they are embracing it with open arms. Remember when it was silly to suggest that legalizing gay marriage would lead to legalizing polygamy/polyandry/polyfidelity/polygyny/polykoity? Well, Fusion writer Lux Alptraum is hoping that, “In the same way that queer visibility has helped change the public perception of same-sex relationships from ‘freaky sex thing’ to just another way of being in love (and led to anti-discrimination laws, marriage equality, and the end of sodomy laws in the process), … public education and visibility around [non-monogamous] lifestyles will help reduce stigma, increase social acceptance, and potentially even lead to legal protections.”

By Tom Blumer | | September 15, 2016 | 12:54 PM EDT

One of the great mysteries surrounding the controversy over San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's decision to sit (or kneel) through the National Anthem at the beginning of his team's games (while wearing socks during practices depicting police as pigs) has been the National Football League's nonchalant response.

Perhaps the league thought that the matter would blow over in a week or two if it indulged Kaepernick, which it certainly did with its "it's his right" response, accompanied by no visible reminder that his actions and the actions of other players have the potential to damage the league's standing, reputation and popularity. The league also must have thought that Kaepernick's protest wouldn't be imitated by other players. This was a major miscalculation, and it's showing signs of hurting the league where it really counts — in the pocketbook.

By Scott Whitlock | | September 15, 2016 | 12:45 PM EDT

CBS is still too embarrassed to share with viewers the low opinion Colin Powell has of Bill Clinton. On Wednesday, CBS This Morning edited a quote of hacked e-mails, removing Powell’s description of Mr. Clinton as a “a husband still dicking bimbos at home.” On Thursday morning, the network stuck to the script and avoided the comment.

By Kristine Marsh | | September 15, 2016 | 10:32 AM EDT

On Wednesday night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, actor, comedian, and former Daily Show regular Lewis Black came on the show to discuss the 2016 election. Prompted by his liberal host to express his “message” to Trump supporters, Black bluntly said they were going to hell. “I'm saying this as a friend. If you vote for Donald Trump, you’re gonna go to hell,” Black stated frankly. After the audience laughed, Black added, “I know this, because God told me.”

By Sam Dorman | | September 15, 2016 | 10:31 AM EDT

When it comes to covering the economy under President Obama, the broadcast networks have a habit of covering good economic news, but glossing over or ignoring bad economic news. It turns out coverage of income and poverty data from the Census got the same treatment with all three networks covering “great news” on Sept. 13, 2016. However, a year earlier only CBS Evening News covered the data showing stagnant income and poverty rates. Even that show waited days to report the news.

By Brad Wilmouth | | September 15, 2016 | 9:49 AM EDT

Appearing as a guest on Thursday's New Day to recount the top five examples of presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton making untrue statements, PolitiFact editor Angie Holan dubiously claimed that it is "not right" to say that Clinton "broke the law" in the handling of her State Department email when asked by host Chris Cuomo about the subject.

By Sarah Stites | | September 15, 2016 | 9:36 AM EDT

This weekend, Chrissy Teigen embroiled herself in social media controversy when she refused to be “offended” at being offered “oriental dressing” during her in-flight meal. But when her followers erupted in anger over her calm, the 30-year-old model probably wished she could return to her salad days – the glorious time before Twitter existed. 

By Tom Johnson | | September 15, 2016 | 9:23 AM EDT

Hillary Clinton was recently diagnosed with pneumonia. Barack Obama was not born in Kenya or anywhere else other than Honolulu, Hawaii. So what do Hillary fact and Obama fiction have in common? Marcotte has a sexism- and racism-related explanation. “The feigned concerns over Clinton’s health strongly resemble the feigned concerns that Obama was faking his natural born citizenship,” she wrote in a Tuesday piece, “right down to the posturing about how this is all the target’s fault for not providing more and more documentation -- to drive home how much those of us who aren’t white men cannot be trusted. In both cases, it’s about wallowing in ugly stereotypes -- that black people aren’t patriots, that women are inherently fragile -- without admitting that’s what’s going on.”