Internet Ad Invites Viewers To "Punch Out George W."

<p>Uh ... Should the Secret Service be looking into this?</p><p>Check out this ad that was found at the top of the <a href="" target="_blank">Drudge Report</a> the other night (Sunday, October 9, 2005):</p><p align="center"><img width="713" height="222" border="0" src="pictures/punchouta.gif" /></p><p>&quot;Punch out George W&quot;?? Isn't <i>any</i> kind of violence against the President, whether real, imaginary, or implied, a <i><b>crime</b></i>? (I'm asking.)</p><p>What is this company thinking? It's hard to imagine an ad that would invite viewers to &quot;Punch out Hillary&quot; or &quot;Punch out Jesse Jackson.&quot; </p><p>One thing I do know is that I will not be spending any hard-earned money on the company to whom that ad belongs. They can keep their XBox.</p><p> </p>

Dave Pierre
Dave Pierre is a contributing writer to NewsBusters and the creator of