BMI's Dan Gainor on Fox Business to Grade Obama's Economic Team Performance

<p><object align="right" width="250" height="202"><param name="movie" value=";sm=1"></para... name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src=";sm=1" allowfullscreen="true" align="right" width="250" height="202"></embed></object>Business and Media Institute's Dan Gainor appeared on Fox Business News &quot;Money for Breakfast&quot; March 17 to discuss the Obama economic team's performance in the administration's first 50 days. </p><p>Gainor dubbed Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner &quot;the worst&quot; because &quot;when he came out and talked about the housing plan that he didn't have, the markets tanked.&quot; </p> <p>Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman, earned a &quot;B-minus,&quot; partly because &quot;he showed his strength on Sunday&quot; during a &quot;60 Minutes&quot; interview. Director of the White House's National Economic Council Larry Summers received a &quot;C grade&quot; for being &quot;not great, not horrible.&quot;</p> <!--break--> <p>Gainor gave President Obama a &quot;C-minus/D&quot; because it &quot;clearly took a long time for him to wake up and do what he had to do here. </p> <p>When pressed by Anchor Jenna Lee on the fairness of grading the team only 50 days into the administration, Gainor replied: </p> <blockquote><p>Well the market's giving them the grades.  So I mean in that, we, we have to. The market dropped 20 percent in less than, less than these 50 days. It's rebounded some now, and that's great.  I think we all love to see that. But you have to look at what he's been doing right now. One of the people I included in my grading was Gibbs, [Obama's] press secretary, who's been on a full-on P.R. offensive against anybody who has been questioning Obama whether it's the people on a competing network or whether its talk-show hosts or whatever. And I think that scares people and makes them think they're not taking this seriously.</p></blockquote>